Applegate HALF TIME™ Kits Make Lunch Easy

I’m just going to be honest here.  I don’t like packing lunches.  Every day I pack a lunch for myself and my two children (and occasionally the hubby), and it gets monotonous.  It doesn’t seem to matter how many fun and “easy” ideas I find online, I usually don’t have the time or money to … Continue reading

Letting Go of Fear

Fear.  It’s a debilitating feeling we are all familiar with.  And if you’re a parent or caregiver to someone other than yourself, you know what it’s like to fear for others as well. This week I’ve watched my children go back to school, contemplating the usual worries.  What if I don’t know anyone in my … Continue reading

Back To School With Food Allergies

It pains me to write a post for back to school when it is still July, and we have about five more weeks of summer left here in Texas. But, as most of you already know, there is much to do in advance of that first day of school…especially when your child has food allergies. … Continue reading

Food Allergy Awareness Week: Be Prepared.

Happy Food Allergy Awareness Week!  It starts May 11th and goes all week long! I’ve been contemplating my posts for this week for quite some time.  What issues should I cover?  Who should I reach out to?  How can I positively raise awareness for food allergies? Finally, my husband and I worked together and came … Continue reading

World Asthma Day Is Today

Today is World Asthma Day!  Take a few minutes to read this post because chances are, if you don’t have asthma, you DO know someone who does. So, what is asthma?  According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), “Asthma is a disease of the lungs in which the airways become blocked or … Continue reading

Gerbs Allergen-Free Granola: Product Review

Granola.  It and my family have a love-hate relationship.  We love granola and hate that we can’t find a safe and tasty granola all of us can enjoy.  I am gluten-free and my son is peanut and nut-free (also chickpea and sesame free).  As most of you already know, it’s not easy to find a … Continue reading