Back To Basics

Today was our annual food allergy test with the allergist.  I say annual, but it isn’t always.  Sometimes we do the blood test, sometimes we do the skin prick test, sometimes we do both, on occasion we’ve done none.  No matter what the test, it’s always a stressor for me to mentally prepare.

I mentally prepare on a couple of different levels.  One:  I practice my calm, cool, and collected act so my face won’t give me away no matter what the results yield.  Two:  I think of all the questions I’ll need to ask depending on what the results will show.  Both are probably just an exercise in futility, but it gives me a feeling of control I crave going in to an unpredictable allergy testing.

My son actually did all the blood work about a week ago, and we were headed into today for a skin test and a food challenge (pecans) based on the allergist’s recommendations.  I was almost giddy with the thought of crossing one of those allergens off of my son’s list to avoid.  Truly giddy!

We had just taken our seats in the back room anxiously ready to begin today’s visit, when it happened.  The blood test results just came in and showed a huge jump in my son’s sensitivity to most tree nuts and other allergens.

Can you hear that sucking sound?  It is the sound of joy being sucked out of my happy little heart.  Ugh.

As you can imagine, there was no food challenge today.  We only did a skin prick test which came back with surprisingly good results.  Oh, and can’t forget the new inhaler for his asthma.

I keep replaying today’s visit in my head, but it doesn’t always have the same theme.  On one hand, I hate that my son has to continue to avoid tree nuts at a time when we thought he had beat it.  I’m not thrilled that we have another inhaler that will probably not be covered at an affordable rate by insurance.  I hurt for my son and his disappointment from today.

Yet, on the other hand, we are so blessed that we avoided a case of anaphylactic shock in the doctor’s office.  We are lucky to have a sample of the inhaler that will hopefully keep my son’s asthma under control.  We are pleased that the environmental allergen skin prick test came back normal.  I am so thankful to be empowered with the information to keep my son safe.

I think even the best superhero food allergy mom’s find their capes a little torn and frayed sometimes.  And when they do, it’s just a reminder that when you’re lost it’s time to get back to basics.

That’s my cue.  Up….up…and away!


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