Back To School Winter Break Checklist

It’s hard to believe that Christmas break is drawing to an end and that next week we will back to the daily grind of school and homework.

Any parent has a small list of to do’s on the night before your child’s first day back:  packing a lunch, preparing the backpack, gathering library books to be returned, and so on.  But if you’re the parent of a child with food allergies, you have a little extra to do.

Check Expiration Dates For Medicine Stored at School Nurse’s Office

Check in with the school nurse to make sure your child’s medicines are all still within the expiration date.  If the medicine is expired, refill them immediately and take the new prescriptions to the school nurse’s office.  Even if your child’s medicines are still in date, it is a good idea to write down their expiration dates on a calendar you look at frequently so you can refill them before their expiration date.

Replenish The Safe Snack Stash for Your Child’s Classroom

I keep a safe snack stash in my son’s classroom so when there is a classroom snack (birthdays and so on) that my son is unable to eat at, he always has a safe snack on hand and doesn’t feel left out.  I usually choose snacks with a long shelf-life and replenish the box at the start of school, winter break, and spring break.

Add New Hand Sanitizer To Your Child’s Lunchbox

Although hand sanitizer on its own will not protect against food allergies, it will protect against common bacteria and germs.  I put a new trial size of hand sanitizer in my son’s lunchbox (in a ziploc baggie so if it spills it doesn’t go everywhere) so he can use it before eating his lunch.

Taking a little extra time to do the above chores can greatly enhance your child’s quality of life in school and offer you a little peace of mind!


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