Camping with Food Allergies

We had our first official family campout (official meaning one that wasn’t in our own backyard) this fall and we had a blast!  I won’t lie, initially, it scared me to death because with my son having life-threatening peanut and nut allergies and myself having a celiac, I thought it would be a logistics nightmare.  It wasn’t…we had a blast!

Your family should be able to cook and camp just as any other family does.  If you’re going with a large group of campers, volunteer to be the food coordinator so you can choose food safe for your child.  Or, talk with the food coordinator and see what they will be cooking for different meals, so you can do something similar for your family that is allergy friendly.

On our campout we had smores, pancakes, french toast, sandwiches, fajitas, cobbler, and the works!

Don’t let food allergies hold you back from the things you love doing.  Find a way to integrate the two and run with it!

Here are some food-allergy friendly tips for camping:

  • Locate the closest medical facility to the campsite before ever leaving the house.
  • Pack a well-stocked first aid kit.
  • Bring general bug spray (also consider wasp/bee/ant spray if your child is allergic to insect stings).
  • Pack your child’s epinephrine and antihistamine.
  • Use reusable mess kits (plates/silverware) and label your child’s name on theirs.
  • Pack a variety of allergy friendly snacks.
  • Wear a backpack that can hold bug sprays, emergency medicines, and safe snacks.
  • If in a large group, make sure fellow campers know about your child’s food allergies and what to do in an emergency.

Happy trails to you until we meet again…


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