Cascadian Farm Promises Impeccable Food Allergy Labeling Standards

I was cruising down the aisle at Wally World (Walmart) today getting a few items and looking for a healthy snack my son could take to school.  Usually, I send him with fruit, pretzels, or crackers…but he has been wanting something a little different.

Not always, but more often that not, I find that the ‘healthy’ granola bars and dried fruits and yogurt/fruit bites either contain peanuts/nuts or have a warning saying they “may contain traces of” or “are processed on the same equipment as.”  It’s so discouraging, I’ve kind of quit looking at that those type of items for my family.

Today I came across a package of Cascadian Farm Vanilla Chip Chewy Granola Bars.  They looked delicious and it would be a nice change for my son.   (Cascadian Farm is a company that guarantees organic ingredients in all of their products which include everything from frozen fruit to cereal to granola bars and so on.

I read the ingredient lable…check.  There was no “may contain” statement.  Just to be sure, I whipped out my cell phone and dialed the company’s number on the box.  An extremely wonderful and patient customer representative looked up the food allergen information.

According to the Cascadian Farm representative I spoke with the 8 major allergens will all be listed (if they are included in the product) in the ingredient statement.  In addition, if there is any chance of cross contamination from processing on the same equipment or traces of an allergen that could be found in the product there will be an additional statement below the ingredients that says, “May contain traces of…”

The particular product I had in my hand showed neither peanuts/nuts listed in the ingredients or in any other statements.

I am so grateful for the customer representatives knowledge of food allergies (she didn’t even have to put me on hold or transfer me) and her ability to thoroughly and patiently answer each of my questions.

Not every Cascadian Farm product will work for those with food allergies, but it appears as though the company takes food allergies to heart and is very thorough and consistent in their labeling standards.  For that, I am so very grateful!


14 thoughts on “Cascadian Farm Promises Impeccable Food Allergy Labeling Standards

  1. I’m so glad I found this post! I have a peanut allergy and am always very skeptical of everything and have grown up as a label reader. I picked up a box of Cascadian Farm granola bars today and they didn’t have the “may contain” or “manufactured in a facility with” peanuts warning. I bought them anyways but before deciding to eat one came online to see what I could find out. I was extremely grateful to find your post 🙂 finally something easy I can take with me to work and not feel uncomfortable eating!

  2. I’m so glad this post helped, Meg! As always, it is still a good idea to double check with Cacadian Farm to make sure their food allergy labeling and procedures are still the same. 🙂

  3. Thanks for this info. I steer clear of energy bars because most of them have nuts/peanuts, but I saw these today and bought a box. My sons are also allergic to nuts/peanuts (among other foods), and like you, I wanted to pack something different in their snack bag. I just sent an email to Cascadian Farms but it’s great to know that they are taking allergens & labelling seriously. Thanks again for sharing the info.

  4. do Cascadia Farms Organic Granola Bars have gluten in them? Box does not say “may contain gluten” and they do not say “gluten free” either.

  5. I don’t have a box on hand so I don’t have the full ingredient list. I would call the company to be sure. I am gluten-free and do not eat their granola bars due to malt ingredients and oats.

  6. i just purchased Cascadian Farms Granola Cereal. Made without nuts i love granola and i have been searching for a nut free granola cereal.

  7. Cascadian Farm granola bars make me very nervous. They produce so many granola bars with peanut butter and other nuts. I called and emailed multiple times. Each time, the representative could not tell me whether the granola bars with nuts were produced on the same machinery or even the same building as the granola bars without nuts and how cross contamination was prevented. The representative would not give me any manufacturing details and continued to read general statements that the top allergens would be listed. I don’t think I would trust them because they could not give any specific details.

  8. I just called today regarding the chocolate chip granola bars and was told the same as in the original post above — that any product that is made on shared equipment with allergens would have a may contain label. I feel safe giving them to my PN/TN kids!

  9. When there is no mention of the facility or equipment on the label, we don’t know just from looking at the label that it’s safe – you would have to know the policies (which could change at any time) of particular brand, and there are thousands of them in the average supermarket. This is an undue hardship – ALL we need to know should be on the label, without need for further investigation. We shouldn’t have to make phone calls, search websites & blogs, etc,, just to see if there is a common allergen – that could cause death in some people! Don’t you have enough to do already? It is unreasonable and uncompassionate to expect people do to all that. Labels need to show whether a product is safe, period.

    This post is from 2011. Who knows if it is still their policy? It could have changed a month ago, with no notice, and we wouldn’t know by looking at the label. Not good enough. Why is Cascadian Farms – and so many other food producers – fighting so hard to not label their products properly?

  10. I am so glad you put this out there! I get tired of calling companies only to find out my peanut allergic son can’t have the product! A company with good customer service and knowledgeable people is hard to come by. Thank you!

  11. I completely agree, Jennifer! That said, as this post was written some time ago, I encourage you to contact the company again to verify that the company still manufactures/labels their products in the same manner. Thank you for your note!

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