H-E-B Grocery Will Make Allergen-Friendly Bread Upon Request

For those of you who live in or visit the Texas area, be sure to shop at H-E-B.  In addition to low prices that rival that of Walmart, H-E-B has begun making their own line of gluten-free pastas and soups that are less expensive and often better tasting than some of the brand name gluten-free lines (see my earlier post on H-E-B).

With all the support they provide to those with food allergies, I’m happy to toot their horn!  I visited the store yesterday to purchase some baguette bread to make bruschetta.  I was disappointed to find no pre-packaged items with ingredient listings that said peanut, nut, and sesame free.

An H-E-B employee saw me looking on the deep dark recesses of the shelves and asked if he could help.  He walked me over to the baker and put me in communication with the head baker.  Unfortunately, much of the bakeries items can be cross-contaminated due to the baking surfaces and mixing bowls.  However, the head baker was quick to offer to bake me three baguette loaves (for the same price as regular bakery baguette loaves) that would be free of nut, peanut, and sesame contamination.

She said she would bake the bread first thing in the morning while all surfaces were clean and uncontaminated and would complete those loaves before beginning the regular baking.  I was so touched that she would accommodate our needs while adding to her own workload.  Now, the family will be able to have bruschetta together with normal bread.  What a treat!

I am truly an H-E-B shopper for life!


3 thoughts on “H-E-B Grocery Will Make Allergen-Friendly Bread Upon Request

  1. Thank you for this info, I live in Austin and shop at HEB as most Texans do. I have been looking for peanut free bread for our family and have had no luck. I’ve resigned myself to learning to bake our own but honestly I don’t have the time (wish I did!). Now that I have read your post I’ll check to see if our bakery could do the same for us. I’m already an HEB customer for life, I talked to customer service the other day (the 1-800 number) and they told me that HEB is now starting to label their store brands for cross-contamination. Yay!! They have already started as I found some really yummy store brand pizza crusts that are labeled safe for us and we have had pizza a few times this month. It’s so nice to see them getting on board with the allergy awareness and it surely makes my life easier when a company can tell me how it’s products are made!

  2. It is really too bad they do not teach their staff what cross contamination is. We went in on Labor day and the hot deli had the corner display case with this nifty setup. Which included loose raw peanuts, scattered ALL over the cabinet. I spoke with the MIC and he was the usual goofy smile ‘sorry mam’ I could care less look on his face. I go back today and the display is still there 11 days later….. Oh wait they just picked the nuts out ….. Everything in there is still contaminated with the air borne particles and in all likely hood still a loaded weapon. So today I ask for the Store Director and he obviously attended the same training ….. goofy grin, so sorry mam and I will look into that. Totally missing the point that they are putting unsuspecting customers at risk.

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