Immaculate Baking Company Offers Gluten-Free Cookie Dough

I was cruising the aisles at H-E-B yesterday and came upon some pre-made gluten-free cookie dough by Immaculate Baking Company.  I won’t lie, I had my doubts.  It was a little on the expensive side and my track record with gluten-free cookies, isn’t exactly a delicious one.

The only brand name gluten-free cookie recipe I’ve liked to date has been Betty Crocker’s gluten-free chocolate chip cookie mix.  It is delicious, but crumbly and messy to eat.  I generally put mine in the freezer and let them thaw for just a minute or two before eating so that it won’t crumble so much.

I think the Gluten-Free Chocolate Chunk Jumbo Cookie Dough will be taking Betty Crocker’s place…at least when it comes to cookies.  As I mentioned, it was a little on the expensive side, but all I had to do was break the dough apart, set it on the cookie sheet and bake for about 15 minutes.  They were DELICIOUS and tasted just like the real chocolate chip cookies I used to eat.  Put them with a glass of milk and you’re in heaven!

With that said, I do have one complaint.  I looked for a 1-800 number on the packaging to call to see if my son who is peanut and nut allergic could safely consume them and there was no number listed.  So I visited their website, no number there either.  There is a contact us button where you can submit a question, but it also says they are “pretty busy these days ” but will get back to you as soon as possible.  On a whim, I decided to check out the “Frequently Asked Questions” tab and found the following question and answer.

“Do your products contain peanuts, tree-nuts or traces of either?
Our pre-baked snack cookies (snack bags and 7oz cartons) are NOT made in a facility with peanuts or tree nuts.   Our cookie and brownie doughs, scones, biscuits, cinnamon rolls and crescent rolls ARE made in a facility that has peanuts and tree nuts. We observe  industry standard cleaning practices on our lines between varieties. One of our cookie dough products contains peanuts (Peanut, Caramel, Milk Chocolate).

I won’t lie, it was a major disappointment not to be able to share them with my kiddos, which means I won’t be buying this product often, but I’m grateful that when I do decide I need a cookie fix, Immaculate Baking Company is there.


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