Growing Your Own Food-Allergy Friendly Garden

One of my family’s favorite activities each year is our spring vegetable garden!  Think you don’t have a green thumb?  Well, that’s no excuse because we don’t either.  It’s that easy!

Our garden is a little makeshift planting box that my hubby constructed in our backyard where the lighting is perfect!  Next, we researched online and visited with the good folks at our local garden and hardware store about the best types of allergy-friendly soil to use.  (It is important to note that some gardening soils can contain allergy products in them so it is important to be research your soil well and be choosy when selecting a brand to use in your garden.)

Next we chose what fruits and vegetables we wanted to grow.  Not sure what plants are the most hardy for where you live?   Visit your local gardening or hardware store to ask questions. ( Better yet, visit one of my favorite gardening websites, Mother Earth Gardening:  They have everything you need to get your garden started right!)

After two years of transplanting too delicate seedlings that died after planting, we decided to switch to ready-to-go vegetable plants and have had fabulous success!  Last year we raised a few strawberries, green beans, one small watermelon, and a TON of okra!  Okra will grow in even the hottest, most humid, most miserable summer weather!   Perfect for Texas!

I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures from our garden today.  This year we are growing…


Zucchini Squash

Summer Squash

Bell Peppers

Yum!!!  I need to get crackin’ on some delicious recipes!

Growing your own vegetable garden does a number of wonderful things for you and the kiddos:

  • Opportunity to do a family project that results in spending family time together
  • FREE vegetables…always easy on the family budget
  • Allergy-friendly food (since you can control which vegetables/fruits you want to grow)
  • Inexpensive outdoor fun that lasts for months

So grab the kids start planning your garden today!  In just a few months you can be eating the ‘fruits’ of your labor!  🙂


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