Make Allergy-Friendly Baking A Family Affair

Yesterday I had a hankering for some Sunbutter cookies and nothing but this recipe for Sun Blossoms would do (

We made cookie baking a family affair.  My two kiddos took turns dumping ingredients into the mixing bowl and stirring and were delighted to chefs for the afternoon…especially chefs that taste-test the finished product!  I scooped the dough into balls, my son rolled them in the sugar, and my daughter placed them on the cookie sheet.  Talk about team work!

These cookies are naturally peanut-free and nut-free if you follow the recipe, but I also made mine gluten-free by substituting King Arthur’s gluten-free baking flour in place of regular all-purpose flour.  You can’t even tell…honest!

The cookies are so delicious, the hard part is keeping enough cookies around to last for a family gathering tonight!

Spending quality time in the kitchen with your kids offers so many benefits:

  • seeing the joy and ease of cooking and baking allergy-free
  • cooking with creativity
  • bonding with the family
  • encouraging independence in the kitchen

So what are you waiting for?  Measuring cups out and mixers up!  Ready, set, GO!!!


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