Allergy-Friendly Easter Candies

One of my favorite Easter childhood memories was the family egg hunt in my grandmother’s back yard.  The whole family would gather together for lunch after church and the grand kids would scour the yard for eggs!  The egg hunting was fun, but the candy eating was better!  🙂

Now that my son has peanut and nut allergies, finding allergy-safe treats for egg hunts can be a bit more challenging.  Some of our tried but true favorites are:

  • Hershey Kisses (See my January post on Hershey Kisses and how to tell if they are peanut/nut-free)
  • Hershey Milk Chocolate Bunnies (mini and large – refer to above January post for peanut/nut info)
  • LifeSaver Gummies
  • Mini Rainbow-Colored Marshmallows (Jett brand)
  • H-E-B Jelly Beans
  • Twizzler Bites
  • Skittles
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Products can change ingredients at any time.  It is important that you thoroughly review products’ ingredient lists for allergy warnings before consuming.

Whew!  Candy, indigestion, and stomachaches…oh my!  To be honest, my kids aren’t huge candy eaters.  Actually, we still have Easter candy left at the start of the new school year!  Terrible, I know.

Happy Easter!


One thought on “Allergy-Friendly Easter Candies

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