Weddings and Food Allergies…How To Live Happily Ever After

This weekend we were blessed to be a part of my cousin’s wedding!  It was a wonderful celebration and a truly beautiful wedding.  The whole family was thrilled to be a part of this special couple’s sweet beginning!  Those two go together like Sunbutter and jelly!  🙂

Although weddings are always cause for celebration, it can sometimes be difficult for those with food allergies to experience all the fun.  Like all good celebrations, food is an integral part of any wedding and at the very least, there is wedding cake.  However, depending on the wedding, there may be appetizers, dinner, AND wedding cake!

I won’t lie…I was a little concerned about how we would maneuver the sit down dinner and wedding cake this weekend, but wedding coordinator Valarie M. at The Milestone in Denton, Texas couldn’t have made the process more seamless!  (Check out The Milestone at:

The Milestone is a stately mansion located in a quiet rural area of Denton, Texas.  The inside is positively majestic and reminiscent of an old southern plantation.  The grounds are well-manicured, the grass green, and the water blue.  And that is just the location.  The staff is phenomenal too…

I called Valarie about two weeks prior to the wedding to explain our food allergy situation.  I wanted to see what items would be safe for us to eat but my condition was that I did not want the bride to be charged extra for our accommodations or to even know I was calling (all brides have enough to do before their big day without guests adding to their stress).  Valarie listened carefully to our list of food allergies and promised to call back within the week after she spoke to the chef.

She didn’t call back the next week…she called back the NEXT DAY!  Valarie had arranged the chef to set aside three food allergy friendly dinner plates for our family at no extra cost and without bothering the bride.  Not only that, but she was nice enough to let me know what appetizers would be safe for us to consume.  She was beyond efficient, she was truly amazing.

As soon as we got to the wedding, I introduced myself to Valarie and no sooner had we said goodbye as she was speaking into her mouthpiece letting the server know that the food allergies should go to the woman in the aqua dress with two small children.  The whole operation ran like a fine oiled machine and we were able to partake in the wedding festivities in entirety which only added to our happiness that evening.

The Milestone hosted a fabulous wedding and reception for our family…and I am grateful for that on so many levels.  It was a night to remember…complete with sending the bride and groom off with dazzling sparklers!  It was a true fairytale story that ended with happily ever after!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this establishment and I highly encourage you to visit The Milestone at the above link and keep it in mind for your future celebrations!


One thought on “Weddings and Food Allergies…How To Live Happily Ever After

  1. Kim – This is so neat! What a great post! We are so thankful to The Milestone for taking such great care of our guests!

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