Julie’s Organic Ice Cream Sandwich Review

A couple of weeks ago I bought the kids some Blue Bell ice cream sandwiches on sale.  They looked delicious with that crunchy chocolate cookie on both sides of yummy vanilla ice cream.  Yummmmmm.  It made me REALLY miss the gluten-filled ice cream sandwiches I remember before having celiac.

I gave into temptation on my next trip to the grocery store and treated myself to Julie’s Organic and Glutenfreeda Ice Cream Sandwiches in the freezer section.  I practically salivated the whole way home.  Just like a little kid…I couldn’t wait to rip into one.

The cylinder holds four individually wrapped ice cream sandwiches.  I’ll admit…I can’t find the receipt to double-check, but my local grocery sold a can of four for approximately $10.  I almost put them back on the shelf due to the price alone, but decided I could justify it if I could share my findings with my loyal readers.  🙂

Overall, the sandwiches were good.  They served a purpose, I got my ice cream sandwich fix and am good for a while.  Although the chocolate cracker tasted just like the gluten-filled ones I remembered, the vanilla ice cream was a little bland and lacked a certain richness and decadence that I found to be disappointing.

With this being said…a week or two later, those ice cream sandwiches had disappeared!

Overall, I did enjoy the frozen treat, but it is not something I would purchase on a regular basis.

Please share your experience with this Glutenfreeda product and others!


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