Canyon Bakehouse Sandwich Bread Product Review

The folks at Canyon Bakehouse were nice enough to send me a few of their specialty breads to sample and then share with you, my loyal readers.

I first stumbled upon a Canyon Bakehouse product when a family member saw it at a Whole Foods and thought I might like to try it.  Until then, I’d never heard of the brand.  As of this moment, my freezer is chocked full of it!  It is one of my favorite gluten-free breads because it is so allergy friendly:  gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and soy-free.

The very first Canyon Bakehouse product I tried was the San Juan 7-Grain bread.  It is very wholesome and reminds me of the gluten-filled wheat bread I remember eating before having celiac.  The bread is fresh and stores well in the freezer.  I don’t eat bread every day, so I like to store gluten-free bread in the freezer and thaw it as needed.  This is what I use to make sandwiches and toast the most often.  I love it…it’s one of my absolute favorites!

Canyon Bakehouse also produces a Mountain White bread.  The bread has much of the same texture of the San Juan 7-Grain that I loved.  Although the bread was good, I much prefer the San Juan.

Another one of my top picks is the Cinnamon Raisin bread.  This bread makes a fabulous toast in the morning!  The bread is sweet, but not overwhelmingly so.  It has a great texture and despite the sweetness, maintains that wholesome taste.  Canyon Bakehouse is the master at combining wholesome grains with just a touch of light sweetness.  No one does it better!  I highly recommend this product!

Sunbutter (a faux peanut butter made with no peanuts) sandwiches are a staple at our house.  This spread is perfect for Canyon Bakehouse sandwich breads because they are soft but sturdy enough to remain intact when spreading with Sunbutter.  (Some gluten-free breads have the springy texture of gluten-filled white bread, but it tends to fall apart when spreading it with Sunbutter.)

I will always be a loyal customer of the Canyon Bakehouse brand for several reasons:

  • Their commitment to making quality products for individuals with multiple food allergies
  • The wholesomeness and quality of their products
  • The reasonable prices

Thank you, Canyon Bakehouse, for doing what you do and doing it so well!

Want to learn more?  Visit:

Canyon Bakehouse (

Sunbutter (


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