Vacationing At Walt Disney World With Food Allergies

During the month of June I’m discussing some great vacation spots for those with food allergies.  This week, the spotlight is on Walt Disney World in Florida.  (If you’re just now tuning in, please visit my previous post on Walt Disney World to learn even more information.)

As mentioned in my last post, now that summer is upon us, I am ready for a family vacation.  But where to go?  Vacationing with food allergies isn’t always an easy thing to do.  I’d love to take my sweet family to Walt Disney World (WDW) to enjoy all the enchantment of being a kid again!  So, I began to look into what vacation with food allergies at WDW would be like.

First, I contacted WDW by email to request information about vacationing there with food allergies.  I received a thorough and timely response which you can view in my previous WDW post.  Disney’s response gave me hope so I dug  a little deeper.

If you visit the following link ( you will find even more information on enjoying WDW with food allergies.

In most cases, WDW is able to accommodate your food allergies when you make reservations for your vacation.  Simply let your Disney rep know that your family member(s) has food allergies and will have special dietary needs.  The Disney rep will be able to take you step by step on how to ensure a safe and fun family vacation.

If you’re still not sold that it will be safe to eat at WDW, the park will allow food allergic guests only to bring snacks and food into the park.

The particular link I share above lists several restaurants throughout the park that are great for guests with food allergies and food intolerances.

After doing research the last few weeks, we’ve decided to make a Walt Disney World trip a reality for my family later this summer!  We can’t wait!  You can be sure that I will provide updates to our food allergy experience at WDW so that you can decide if a Disney vacation is in your future!


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