John Soules Fajitas Are Food For The Gluten-Free Soul

Although I love to cook and bake, time isn’t always on my side…especially during the busy school year.  Honestly, between school, day care, extracurricular activities, sports, and everything else I’m doing good to get dinner on the table period.

One of the greatest conveniences of not having food allergies is the ability to purchase pre-packaged food for those really crazy days when there is no time to turn on the oven or start from scratch.  One of my favorite go to meals before going gluten-free was pre-seasoned fajita meat that I could pair with tortillas and all the fixings for some delicious Mexican food!  The majority of pre-seasoned fajita meat (cooked or uncooked) has gluten and other common food allergens listed on the label.

…until now…

I just had to share my latest discovery, John Soules Foods fajita meat.  On my last trip to Walmart I came across a bag of John Soules Foods Beef Fajitas in the lunchmeat section.  The fajita meat comes refrigerated (but can be frozen) and is pre-seasoned and pre-cooked.  It only needs to be warmed in the microwave.  Chicken fajita meat is also available.  Both varieties are gluten-free and delicious!  I’ve looked for it at several of the larger grocery chains and have found Walmart to sell this product at the lowest price.

So next time you’re struggling to coordinate a family dinner after a busy day running about, think fajitas and give John Soules Fajita Meat a try!


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