Gluten-Free, Nut-Free Oatmeal Cookie Heaven from HomeFree

The good folks at HomeFree were kind enough to send me a few product samples to review and share with you, my readers!   I was so excited when the package arrived this week!

Before I review their products, let me share a little about HomeFree.  They have a dedicated bakery that is peanut, nut, egg, and dairy free (including no casein).  The bakery also contains no wheat, fish, shellfish, sulfites, or sesame.  Their products are vegetarian, low-sodium, and certified kosher pareve with no GMO’s.  And that’s not all…HomeFree treats have no cholesterol or trans fat.

Now for the product review…

The first bakery goodie I sank my teeth into was a Soft Gluten-Free Oatmeal Cookie.  Oh my heavens!!!  It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  The oatmeal cookie was so soft it almost melted in my mouth.  It had the taste and texture of homemade oatmeal cookies from my childhood.  Better yet, it wasn’t crumbly or dry like some gluten-free foods can be.  It was sinfully delicious, but had a reasonable 120 calories.

The last baked goodie I will review today is HomeFree’s new Mini Crunchy Vanilla Cookies.  They are a little bag of goodness that also taste similar to that of the gluten-filled sugar cookies from my childhood.  The cookies are crunchy, but not overly so.  They taste crisp, but aren’t crumbly and make a great snack that is relatively low in calories.

The BEST thing about buying HomeFree (other than what I’ve already mentioned) is the fact that they donate a portion of their profits to organizations that provide food allergy research and education.  So, when you buy HomeFree, you are supporting food allergy research.

If you’ve never tried HomeFree, take a moment to visit their site.  Even if you have tried HomeFree products before, stop by their site again to learn more about their organic apple coffee and cranberry coffee cakes and cookbook.

Like what you’re reading?  Keep checking in with our blog to find reviews on more of HomeFree’s delicious treats!

*Note:  As always, The Food Allergy Mom received no financial compensation for this taste test.  The Food Allergy Mom’s product reviews are always honest and unbiased.


2 thoughts on “Gluten-Free, Nut-Free Oatmeal Cookie Heaven from HomeFree

  1. Thank you Kimberly! On behalf of our CEO, Jill Robbins, we appreciate you sharing your review of our cookies with your readers. We hope everyone will try our delicious, allergy friendly cookies that everyone can enjoy. Can’t find a store near you? All you have to do is ask! Most stores, especially independent health food stores, are happy to offer items that you request. – Kira Morehouse Intern at HomeFree, LLC.

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