Trick-Or-Treat: It Can Be Sweet!

I am thrilled to be a guest blogger today for Renata at Billings Kids With Food Allergies.  When they asked me to guest post, I immediately thought of Halloween.

Halloween can be one of the most difficult holidays of the year to coordinate when you have food allergies.  It’s no small wonder when you consider how candy-driven the day is.  For many food allergy families, Halloween parties and trick-or-treating can be an overwhelming challenge.

It IS possible for you and your family to have a safe and boo-tiful Halloween.  By following these simple tips and suggestions, you can have your candy and eat it too!

Thanks to Renata and all the wonderful folks at Billings Kids With Food Allergies for the amazing work you do!

Trick-Or-Treat:  It Can Be Sweet!

By Kimberly, The Food Allergy Mom

As the fall holidays approach, parents of children with food allergies collectively cringe at the food-related challenges they bring.  After all, both Halloween and Thanksgiving are completely centered around food!

Still, if you’ve visited my blog, The Food Allergy Mom, you know I don’t believe in letting food allergies define our kids.  Kids deserve to be kids…no matter what.

Halloween is a month and a half away and it’s time to start thinking about how you can safely capture the magical fun and food of the holiday…read more here at Billings Kids With Food Allergies !


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