Houston Baker Makes Peanut, Nut-Free Cinderella Birthday Cake

Most of you already know that my son has multiple food allergies.  But like many of you that I’ve heard from over the past year, I also have another child who does not appear to have food allergies.  It can make for some interesting holiday and birthday celebrations.

Even though it is my daughter’s birthday, we still celebrate as a family so her birthday goodies have to be allergy friendly for my son to eat too.  For the most part, she is very gracious about it and happy to have something that is safe for her brother.

This year is a bit of a triple whammy, because we have her school party (just a special snack) and a friend party.  I’ve got more on my plate than I can handle at the moment, so I outsourced this particular project to a dear friend, Katie.

Her niece has peanut allergies and she really understands how to make delicious confections that you would never guess are peanut, nut, sesame, and chickpea/garbanzo-free.  She does amazing designs and works hard to make an allergy-friendly dessert that is every bit as bright, colorful, personal, and yummy as the fancy, store-bought creations…and I just LOVE that about her!

My daughter requested a Cinderella cake this year and Katie came through with flying colors!  The cake was exactly what my daughter wanted and it was a hit with all the little girls at the birthday party.  It looked even better than a store-bought cake, and this one was safe, without peanut, nut, sesame, or chickpea ingredients or cross-contamination.  What a dream!

If you live in the Houston area and would like an allergy-friendly confection for your household, contact La Dolce Vita Sweets and Treats by emailing Katie at sweetbakerytreats@gmail.com.

Thanks to Katie for making life on The Food Allergy Mom much easier this week!  The cake was just perfect and gave me more time to focus on my daughter!  I take great comfort in knowing I have found a very talented baker that gives the same attention and detail to food allergies that I would!


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