Part 3: Great New Children’s Food Allergy Book Series by Josie Warburton

A few weeks ago, I was contact from a fellow food allergy mom that lives “across the pond,” Josie Warburton.  Josie is an amazing writer with a brand new book food allergy book series for young children based on the character, Freddy the Mouse.

Today, I’m reviewing Freddy goes flying.  The story features Freddy the Mouse and Nutmeg, a squirrel who is allergic to nuts that takes a trip on an airplane.

I loved this book for young audiences of age two to seven who are still learning what it is to have food allergies and especially travel with them.   (The story line and illustrations are for younger children, but the topic is applicable for the older kids too.  The pictures are bright and colorful and very entertaining for kiddos.  The story centers on Nutmeg’s, who has a food allergy, unexpected airplane ride.  While the plot is a little farfetched (even for kiddos), it hits home all the right points about traveling by air with food allergies.

The book features a number of important lessons:  1)  Always prepare in advance before flying with food allergies  2)Tell an airline about your food allergy before you fly  3)  Take your own food and special medicine with you on the plane at your seat  4)  Check your seat for crumbs from previous passengers before sitting down  5) Always carry your medicine with you  6)  Never eat something without checking the ingredients first  7)  Enlist your friends to help you be safe and teach them what to do in case of an emergency  8)  Flying can be safe and fun if you plan ahead.

I would highly recommend this book to introduce young children to food allergies.  It is a great way to start a conversation about safely traveling with food allergies.

Thanks to Josie for helping food allergy moms everywhere teach their children about food allergies with the help of Freddy the Mouse!


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