Gigi’s Gluten-Free Cupcake Saturday

I’ve been so excited about the new Gigi’s Cupcakes that opened a few months ago in our town.  Their cupcakes are just beautiful…almost a work of art!  Above all else, they look positively delicious.

As with most cupcakes stores, I imagined this one to be off-limits for me since I’m gluten-free.  So you can imagine my delight when I discovered they have gluten-free cupcakes available on Saturdays.  The gluten-free cupcakes are offered in only one flavor on Saturdays which is predetermined by the bakers.

The weekends always seem to get away from me and Saturday has come and gone when I realize I never made it to Gigi’s to try a gluten-free cupcake.  This Saturday, I put it on the calendar so I wouldn’t forget.

The gluten-free flavor of the day was chocolate in what they called the Tuxedo Cupcake.  it was smaller than the other cupcakes in the case and had a considerably smaller dollop of white icing that looked much different in texture.

Still, I was elated to have my very own delightfully decorated cupcake in a fancy bakery box to take home and enjoy (something many of us with food allergies or celiac seldom get to do).  But sadly, that was where my excitement ended.

The cupcake was very chocolatey – too much so.  It was almost too heavy and rich to finish.  The icing was airy but greasy and did not have a rich or decadent taste. It left me feeling cheated out of a cupcake.

Bottom line:  I think I will pass on Gigi’s next time.  Although it was nice to have a beautifully decorated cupcake that I purchased in a store, it was more than $3 for a single cupcake and I like the taste of ones I make at home ten times better.


3 thoughts on “Gigi’s Gluten-Free Cupcake Saturday

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  2. I tried the tuxedo gluten-free cupcake today at the Taste of Colorado Fair. I had a huge gluten reaction. Am not looking forward to the next couple of days. I won’t be shopping at GiGi’s again.

  3. Elaine, I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. It’s so disheartening to get “glutened” from products that are supposedly gluten-free. I hope you start feeling better soon!

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