Science Fair + SunButter = First Prize

Two months ago my son came home from school completely excited about the upcoming science fair at his elementary school.  I was a little less excited…I’m not a science and math person.  I’m the artsy person…and my math grades from school will back me up on that.

Although my son is in the second grade, we’ve never entered the science fair before (I’m a slacker, I know) and he wanted to pick something different.  I told him to think about it while eating his snack (which happened to be SunButter and apples).  Between bites, a lightbulb must have gone off and he asked if we could do a project on food allergies.  Image

If you’ve read my blog with any regularity, you know that I blog about being a mom of a child with food allergies, and I do my best to leave my little guy out of it.  He didn’t ask for food allergies or a mom to write about it, and I try to be mindful of that.  He likes that his friends at school know he has allergies and know how to keep him safe, but they also know he loves legos, Star Wars, and running.  So…I was a little surprised at his wish to go so public with his food allergies, but our family stood behind his decision 110%.

His excitement about the project was positively palpable.  I’ve never seen him so excited to share.  He was involved in every step of the project from journal writing, to baking, to decorating the board, to telling the judges all about it one-on-one.

Not only did he have fun doing it, but he won first prize at his grade level and will now go to the district competition next month.  But the other night he told me the biggest takeaway from this project is the opportunity to educate others about food allergies in a fun way.

Simple…but oh so profound.  As adults we have to remember to keep the fun in a life with food allergies!  And while it’s critical to keep our children safe, we also need to add smiles, fun, and laughter to the equation.

Thanks for the reminder, kiddo.  You teach me something new every day and I’m a better mom for it!

When the folks at SunButter asked if they could share my son’s story, I asked him what he thought about sharing in such an open and public forum.  His reply was instant, “Sure, mom.  That would be awesome.  Think of how many people will learn about food allergies.”  *LOVE*

So what did we do our science project on???  We decided to talk about the “green factor” when baking with SunButter, a sunflower-based butter that is a peanut-free version of peanut butter.  “What’s the green factor?” you say…to read all the details about our science fair food allergy project, you have to visit the folks at SunButter to see their blog.  It’s amazing!




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