CRAVE Is Gluten-Free Cupcake Nirvana

Today is my birthday.  Yea!  I’m 29 years young…ish.  🙂

Although I’ve mastered the art (at least enough to satisfy my kids with my decorating skills) of peanut and nut-free cake baking, I seldom make elaborate gluten-free cakes.  A foodie who never spoils herself with gluten-free goodies has a whole yummy delicious cake to herself…yeah…it’s not pretty.  Plus, your own birthday cake isn’t as much fun to eat if you have to make it too.

Enter:  My hubby to the rescue!  For my birthday, my sweet husband brought home two gluten-free cupcakes from CRAVE, a cupcake bakery in Houston, Texas.  I was more than a little skeptical after my experience at Gigi’s, but excited nonetheless at the prospect of a new delicious gluten-free treat.

CRAVE did not disappoint.  I can say that without a doubt, it is one of the best cupcakes (gluten-free or gluten-filled) that I have ever had!

CRAVE thinks of everything, even a cute little gourmet bakery box to bring your goodies home in that keeps them from shifting around and getting damaged in transit.

Now, you know that nagging feeling you have sometimes when you ordered something gluten-free but aren’t sure that it actually is?  You know…what if they mixed up my order?  What if they gave me the wrong box?  Not here…  Every gluten-free cupcake is marked with an edible (and beautiful) gluten-free chocolate button.  You can’t miss it so there are no worries.

My hubby brought me home two CRAVE chocolate cupcakes for my birthday, one with vanilla icing and one with chocolate icing.  I dug into the vanilla cupcake after dinner last night and was blissfully surprised with this amazing product!  The cupcake itself was rich, moist, and extremely un-crumbly (no small feat for a gluten-free cupcake).  The vanilla icing was rich but light and extremely creamy and decadent.  It even came with chocolate sprinkles!!!  It was absolutely sinfully delicious.

Although I’m saving the chocolate cupcake for tonight, I can tell you that I already stole just a nibble so I could report to you on that flavor too (I have such a tough job  🙂  ).  The chocolate icing is as wonderfully luxurious as the vanilla.  I’m counting down the hours until dessert time tonight!

If you don’t have a CRAVE in your neck of the woods, get to Texas a soon as you can for a simply delicious and out of this world cupcake!

Many thanks to the folks at CRAVE for putting the sweet back into gluten-free cupcakes!


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