Tasterie: A Food Allergy Company

The folks at Tasterie contacted me a few months ago about doing a review of their relatively new business.

So, what is Tasterie?  Well, rather than me explain it, I will use let their marketing piece speak for itself:

“Tasterie.com brings fabulous, safe and affordable foods & snacks to all those who wish to maintain healthy diets and lifestyles. We curate monthly boxes with verified products, recipes and other goodies to make your life easier. It’s the little conveniences that matter in life, right? Tasterie’s products are healthy, nutritious foods and snacks for adults and children and include Gluten/wheat, Dairy, Egg, Soy, Peanut, Tree-nut, Fish, Shellfish free and Vegan. We want to make life with food allergies simple, easy and enjoyable.

We know firsthand how difficult it is to find allergen-free food that tastes great and fits the needs of people with food allergies and intolerances. The products we choose are allergen-free, healthy, nutritious, and taste great.  We search the globe to find the most amazing foods and snacks that fit your food allergy and dietary needs and place safety as our top priority.  We have a rigorous selection process developed by physicians and industry experts. This quality controlled, multistep process has been peer reviewed to make sure that it is as thorough as possible. Our team members are out there doing the best we can to bring you and your little ones safe foods & snacks that taste great.

We recognize that managing food allergies, especially severe and multiple food allergies, can be very difficult when planning meals. Essential proteins, vitamins, and calcium are found in some of the most common food, which contain allergens, and many of these foods are needed to achieve a healthy diet. When selecting foods and snacks to include in the monthly TasterieBox, we take this into consideration.

Tasterie’s allergen-free food subscription starts at $15 per monthly box and we will deliver anywhere in the continental USA free of charge.  We want to make living with food allergies simpler and less stressful. Visit us at http://www.tasterie.com.”

Now that you know what Tasterie is, let’s get to the sample box I received.  (Although my child has nut/peanut/sesame/chickpea allergies, I simply requested a gluten free box for myself on this go round.)

Pretty cool right?  Their packaging was wonderful and I love how when you open up the lid, there is a quick visual summary of what Tasterie is all about.

Then I started unpacking the goods.

I’m still working my way through the box, but I loved the adorable Bamboo cutting board, Tasterie recipe cards, and informational pamphlets on the different brands included in the box.  My family loved the No Nuttin’ fruit granola and thinks it the perfect addition to yogurt for a healthy snack.  I thought the Plentil chips and dried mangos were fantastic!

Since I requested a gluten-free box only (now they offer an extended version of a box free of the top 8 allergens…which I will request next time), the above were the only things the whole family could eat.  Of the things only I could eat, I liked the lollipops and hummus.  I’ll be honest, the cookies were not my favorite and felt dry and coarse.  I haven’t yet made the banana bread.

In the note on the box from CEO Lama Rimawi, she talks about how she wanted Tasterie’s products to be an easy, convenient, and allergy-safe product to help families with every day life.  I do think the company’s products accomplish just that objective.  It was wonderful to have the food delivered right to my doorstep without having to shop around at different specialty stores.  Plus, I would imagine that the $15 box fee is less that the sum of all the product prices put together…and I’m always up for saving money!

My only complaint about Tasterie is that some of the products (the cookies) for example were not something that I liked.  And out of fairness, I imagine that there’s a different variety in every box so it might not even be something I would see in my box again.  I would bet that Tasterie also somewhat relies on the feedback of their customers when it comes to deciding which products to use again and which products to drop.

Bottom Line:  This is something I could see doing on occasion and a great way to try samples of some new allergy safe foods without hitting the pavement and running all over town.


Tasterie has a great system in place that could also be used to help individuals impacted by natural disasters and like crises.  Think of the tornadoes, power outages, hurricanes, and floods that have impacted our nation this year and the people who were displaced from their homes and relied on organizations like American Red Cross.  I would LOVE to see someone give Tasterie a grant to allow them to distribute their boxes through the American Red Cross for just these situations.  It just makes sense.   Do you think it makes sense too?  Take a few minutes to ask food allergy organizations such as The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network and Allergic Living Magazine and Food Allergy Initiative to consider putting a life-saving measure such as this in place.


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