Peanut, Nut, and Gluten-Free Valentine Treats That Will Make You Smile

Is it really possible that Valentine’s Day is almost upon us?  Seems like Christmas was just yesterday…

Navigating food celebrations can be challenging on any holiday, but Valentine’s is one of the biggies in my family.  There are the parties at school, the baking at home, and gifts from friends.  I want the whole family to enjoy Valentine’s (after all, it is a day for love) and I show them my love by keeping safe treats on hand to substitute out for those that they can’t have.

There are a few companies that get my vote when it comes to Valentine’s goodies:  Jelly Belly, Tootsie, Hershey’s, and Divvies.

While I’m widely familiar with Hershey’s and some of the other companies, Divvies is rather new to us.  I’d sampled something of theirs at a FAAN walk a few years ago, but nothing recently.  The folks at Divvies were kind enough to send me a special Valentine’s care package.  It didn’t disappoint!

Divvies Valentine Chocolates

The chocolate-covered rice krispy heart was nut, peanut, and gluten-free.  The mini solid chocolate hearts were nut and peanut-free.  Talk about a treat!  My son’s eyes lit up like Christmas with pure glee that this special Valentine’s treat was all for him.  He LOVED it!  I am gluten-free and did sneak a bite of the rice krispy chocolate heart and thought it was good too.

Hershey’s is also a personal favorite for my family!  Especially their Hersheyettes.  They are like m&ms, but are peanut-free!  Kudos to Hershey’s for this product.  Currently it is only available at Christmas and Valentine’s, but I sure would like to see it back for the duration of the year.  (Visit the Hersheyettes link to find out how to email them and ask to have the product year round!)

Happy Valentine’s!



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