Talk To Your Child About Food Allergy Dangers This Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.  For some of us with young children, we think of it as just a day to exchange valentines.  Those of you with older children may be less worried about valentines and more concerned with acts of love associated with the day.

The simple fact is, Valentines needs to be discussed with children that have food allergies…regardless of age.

Just the other day, my youngest (she has no food allergies and is only in preschool) was walking out of class to greet me at pick up when a very sweet boy she hadn’t seen in a while leaned over and gave her a precious little kiss on the cheek.  At that age, it’s sweet, endearing, and totally not filled with implications.  But it got me thinking…

What if that had been my son who does have multiple food allergies?  What if it had been an innocent kiss but the person giving the kiss had eaten some sort of nut just an hour earlier?

I DON’T think this is something you should sit and fret about all day.  I DO believe it’s something we should all have a conversation with our children about…no matter their age. 

Keep an open dialogue with your kids and don’t be afraid to tackle difficult subjects with them.  Review your child’s food allergy action plan with them and remind them the importance of keeping epinephrine on hand at all times.  It could save a life.

Give your kids a hug and tell them they’ll always be your valentine!  🙂

Happy Valentine’s, from The Food Allergy Mom!


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