Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Pancakes: A Real Treat

A Trader Joe’s grocery store recently opened up not far from where my husband works.  He went to check it out for gluten-free finds one day on his lunch break, bought some granola bars for himself, and is a fan for life (and he is not gluten-free and has no allergies).  Go figure.

A couple of weeks ago he bought me some Trader Joe’s pre-made chocolate chip cookies (you can read my review of them here) and that was all it took to get me interested.  The cookies tasted great and the price was positively fabulous for a tasty gluten-free product.

Next up was a Trader Joe’s do-it-yourself brownie mix which was a total bust.  I’ll allow full disclosure here…my husband made these for me all by himself.  He swears to following the directions to a tee and I’ll admit, he’s usually a rule follower.  Bottom line, the brownies came out crusty and a bit oily and pretty much inedible.  😦

This past week he scored some Trader Joe’s pre-made, gluten-free pancakes in the freezer section.

Trader Joes GF Pancakes Box

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little leery.  Can you blame me after the brownie debacle?  But I was pleasantly surprised!

The pancakes were amazing!

Trader Joes GF Pancakes

They had a light and fluffy texture similar to that of their gluten-filled counterparts.  The texture alone made these fabulous because so many other pancake mixes I’ve tried were heavy and thick instead of the light and airy taste usually associated with pancakes.  Each bite had a soft, buttery taste and simply melted in my mouth.  I don’t remember the exact price we paid for them, but I can tell you they were a steal!  I will most definitely be buying these again!

Do you have a Trader Joe’s in your area?  What is your favorite gluten-free goodie?


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