A FARE Membership Is Empowerment!

So what is FARE?  If you follow the food allergy community at all, it’s a term you’ve most likely heard dozens, if not hundreds, of times in the past few months.


FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) is the newly formed food allergy power house organization.  The new entity was formed as the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network and Food Allergy Initiative organizations merged.

If you cruise through my blog, it won’t take you long to find out that I was a huge fan of the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network.  And after learning more about FARE and their mission and vision for the food allergy community, it’s “fair” to say that I’m a FARE fanatic!

The following is from a FARE news release:  “FARE’s mission is to ensure the safety and inclusion of individuals with food allergies while relentlessly seeking a cure.  We will serve this mission by focusing our work in four key areas:  Providing evidence-based education and resources; Undertaking advocacy at all levels of government; Increasing awareness of food allergies as a serious public health issue; and Funding world-class research that advances treatment and understanding of the disease.”

Now that’s one heck of a mission statement, but I think my favorite blurb out of the whole thing is “while relentlessly seeking a cure.”  I love their use of “relentless.”  As a mom, that’s exactly how I fancy myself when it comes to advocating for my child.  The folks at FARE get food allergies, they get kids, and they get their parents.

I joined yesterday and have to say that I LOVE the membership benefits and that there’s a price point for everyone.  Options include a $40 individual membership, an $80 family membership, or a $100 research advocate membership.

Because the individual and family memberships are so similar, I’ll do a quick summary of individual memberships here.

  • Inside website navigation tips
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Discount on subscription to Allergic Living magazine
  • Discount on FARE purchases
  • Invitations to FARE’s regional and local events
  • Discounts on allergy-specific products from their corporate partners
  • Special registration rates for FARE conferences
  • FARE member wristband
  • FARE membership card

I mean, really!  How can you go wrong?  You can’t!

Regardless of if you’re new to food allergies, have someone in your family with food allergies, or just want to learn more about them…visit FARE today and become a member!  No really...join NOW and don’t waste another minute!!!


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