SPIBelts & Survival Straps: Product Reviews

My son is just shy of ten-years-old and has had multiple food allergies since he was an infant.  Years ago, my son was always with me and I was his advocate…end of discussion.  Now that he’s growing up and doing things more independently (think camping, traveling, etc), we’ve reassessed how he can protect himself against anaphylaxis…especially in emergency situations (in addition to the basics our board-certified allergist recommends).

Specifically, there are two products our family loves for exactly this purpose:

1.  SPIbelt:  This is a company out of Austin, Texas that makes SPIbelts (think tee tiny fanny pack that is fashionable for marathon runners and athletes everywhere).  One child or adult belt is the perfect size to hold a 2-pack of the EpiPen or Twinject and should also adequately hold the Auvi-Q.  The belts come in children’s and adult’s sizes in a variety of colors, fits, and even offer waterproof options.  It is small enough to be worn underneath or outside of a tshirt depending on your child’s comfort level.  My husband, son, and I all three carry SPIbelts and find them especially perfect for outdoor activities when packing light is key.

2.  Survival Straps:  I’ve seen tons of companies that offer so-called “allergy jewelry” but to be honest, haven’t been that fond of what I’ve seen…until Survival Straps.  The company markets its products (they offer basic keychains, bracelets, and neck cords) as more of survival pieces than jewelry pieces which is especially popular among males.  There are a number of personalization options available (including color and tag information).  We ordered a bracelet and chose exactly what colors go where and how we wanted the tag to read.  We ordered and received the bracelet in the same week (talk about customer service).  My son and I are both thrilled with how it looks and the ways it will help alert those around him about his allergies!

It is so crucial to remember that as your child grows, he/she will change in many different ways.  Take the time to sit down with a board-certified allergist to discuss the ways that you can meet your youth’s food allergy needs at every stage!


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