My Amazing Gluten-Free Support Network

The folks at Udi’s are running a #GFF campaign this fall and asked me to participate. What is GFF?  An acronym for gluten-free friends and family.  Those of you that are already gluten-free know that it’s a lifestyle change that isn’t always an easy one.  It requires a strong network of friends, family and trusted brands to keep you safe and eating well.  And Udi’s is an integral part of my GFF network.

I’ve long been an Udi’s fan.  Just search through my past posts for “Udi’s” and the results will speak for themselves.  (Although I’ll go with full disclosure here and tell you that Udi’s did provide me with a few gluten-free yummies they currently have on the market to share with my GF friends and family, they didn’t pay me a single red cent to sing their praises.)

Udi’s is one of my favorite gluten-free companies around and my go-to for many products, especially their bread.  (Their sandwich bread has a soft, spongy texture reminiscent of gluten-filled bread that can’t be beat.)  What endears their company to me even more is their commitment to other allergies.  Many of their products are also dairy and nut free.  This is HUGE for my family because my son has nut allergies and I am gluten-free, so Udi’s is one of a very small number of companies that makes products safe for both of us to share.

To be fair, Udi’s does produce some products with nuts.  However, when I asked about their current nut labeling policy, I received the following statement:  “Our baked goods are completely nut free and made in dedicated nut free (tree nut & peanut free) facilities. Some of our granola products do contain nuts, however these are made in completely separate plants from the rest of our gluten-free baked goods. Additionally, our three new cookie varieties (Peanut Butter Coconut, Maple Pecan Chocolate Chip and Salted Caramel Cashew) are also made in a separate bakery. Please check out our product catalog for the list of ingredients in each of our products.“  For more Udi’s allergen information, please click here.

Perhaps the biggest part of my GFF is my sweet family of four, plus my parents, sister, in-laws, brother-in-law, aunt, uncle, and cousins who are all SO wonderful to support me in my gluten-free journey.  They’ve altered countless recipes, bought special gluten-free goodies, made the trek a few miles out-of-the-way to eat somewhere safe for me, made special plans for vacations, and so much more!  Thank you to each of you for all that you do for me and the sacrifices that you routinely make to keep me safe.  I love you!

Another HUGE part of my GFF network is these sweet ladies that I’m blessed to teach preschool with all week long.

Udi's GFF Love (4)

Udi's GFF Love (2)

As it often is with work, sometimes I see these ladies during the week more than my own family.  They are AMAZINGLY cheerleaders of my gluten-free lifestyle and go above and beyond to make sure that I am well taken care of when it comes to work functions that involve food.  They are SO supportive that the bag of Udi’s chips in this picture didn’t make it back home after I opened them up at work.  I’ve never seen a gluten-free bag of chips disappear that fast!  Each one of these precious women has supported me in various ways during my food allergy journey.  To say they mean the world to me, is an understatement and I am forever indebted to them for their staunch friendship, protection, and support!

I truly thank the Lord for all of these special every day and am so blessed that He has placed them in my life!

Sniff, sniff.  It sounds like I’m giving an acceptance speech at an awards ceremony.  If only I were sitting at my computer now in a full-length designer frock and million dollar jewelry on loan from Tiffany and Co.   😉

Who is your GFF?  Take a few minutes to share your story here, here, or here.


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