Pillsbury Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: A Product Review

Most of you know I’m gluten-free due to celiac disease and my son has multiple food allergies including peanuts and nuts.  Those of you who have multiple different food allergies in your family can appreciate the challenges that statement brings.

The only really bad part about being the only one gluten-free in my family is that when I make a gluten-free goodie, it usually beckons for me to eat it…all of it…by myself…as it’s not always safe for my son to eat and not always what the rest of my family would consider as delicious as gluten-filled things.

I’ve heard a lot about the new gluten-free line from Pillsbury and it got my curiosity up.  There are so many supposedly allergy-friendly products out there on the market, and let’s be honest- some of them are as delicious as their claims and some of them taste like, well, feet.  That’s right…I said it.  I’m being honest.

So, when I found the Pillsbury tubs of gluten-free goodness at my local H-E-B, I got one of each:  chocolate chip cookie dough, pizza crust, and pie crust.  (Each tub was a little under $5, cheap compared to some gluten-free products.)  Every time I opened my fridge they sat there staring at me and finally this past week I got a bee in my bonnet and finally made them.

Pillsbury Chocolate Chip GF Cookie Dough

First up were the chocolate chip cookies.  When you open the tub, the dough is in a large ball.  I used my handy, rounded cookie-dough gadget to scoop out the cookies and cooked them on a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper.  I think the mixture made in between 12 and 24 cookies.

The cookies were great!  They browned beautifully and baked up puffy, just like the gluten-filled cookies I remember.  The texture was nice and solid, with no crumbling that can be typical of gluten-free baked goods.  At first, I wondered if it was a fluke and that somehow they would be good warm and straight from the oven, but fall apart later.

Luckily, I was wrong.  Even a couple of days after baking them, the cookies held together nicely and were enjoyed by the whole family.

Bottom Line:  I would definitely buy this product again when I need some gluten-free chocolate chip cookies in a jiffy.

Special Note:  I did call the folks at Pillsbury to ask them about their products being peanut and nut free.  The Pillsbury representative I spoke with said if those specific allergens were contained in the product it would be listed clearly on the label.  The Pillsbury representative went on to say that if the cookies could have been possibly contaminated with those same specific allergens I just mentioned, they would have listed a “may contain” statement on the product label.  *As always, it is important to research a product yourself and speak with product/company representatives before consuming a new product as ingredients and production processes can change at any time.


3 thoughts on “Pillsbury Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: A Product Review

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  2. I think the cookies taste just like Pillsbury Cookie dough that I have always used before going gluten free. And I’ve been making the Betty Crocker mix for about 10 months now, and although I like them, and got used to them, the Pillsbury tastes even better. Just like their regular cookies. And what’s better, is that they come in a much more convenient tub so you don’t have to make them all at once! I made 23 cookies with my tub so far, and I have about 1/4 of the tub left in the fridge.

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