King Arthur Gluten-Free All-Purpose Baking Mix: Is It In Your Pantry?

King Arthur gluten-free products are a staple for me and my family.  They spend their time making quality products that greatly enhance the world of gluten-free baking.

I’ve tried all of their baking products and loved every single one (with the exception of the brownies…which I may or may not have been user error).  Currently, King Arthur offers the following gluten-free boxed mixes:  multi-purpose flour, brownie mix, muffin mix, yellow cake mix, chocolate cake mix, and the new all-purpose baking mix.

Whenever a baking recipe calls for flour and I am making a gluten-free version, my go to is ALWAYS King Arthur’s GF Multi-Purpose Flour.  So, I was intrigued, to say the least, with the release of their GF All-Purpose Baking Mix.  Specifically, the back of the baking mix package offers recipes for chocolate cupcakes, savory biscuits, pancakes, and roll out sugar cookies.

King Arthur GF All Purpose Baking Mix

A week or so ago, I used the new baking mix to make the chocolate cupcake recipe on the back of the box.  And I loved it…maybe even a little more so than the King Arthur GF Chocolate Cake Mix.  This recipe was rich and chocolatey without being over-the-top sweet.  The cupcakes had a perfect balance of rich chocolate that is beautifully balanced by sweet frosting of any flavor.

“So where is the picture of the cupcake?” you say.  Gosh, I’d love to show you one.  Really, I would.  But these cupcakes went ridiculously fast.  And although I did take some of these delicious goodies to share with friends, a few more than necessary ended up being taste tested by yours truly.  I mean…what kind of taste tester would I be if I didn’t taste several of the cupcakes?  It’s my duty to make sure they all taste equally scrumptious…right?  🙂   That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Bottom Line:  This product gets an A+ and will be a staple in my pantry just like everything else in King Arthur’s gluten-free line!


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