Halloween Tips from Professional Family Expert Jo Frost

A special thanks to my friends at 25YearsofEpiPen.com and Mylan for allowing me to share these fabulous Halloween tips from Professional Family Expert, Jo Frost.  Wishing you all a safe and happy Halloween!


Getting spooked by ghosts and goblins can be part of the fun of getting into the Halloween spirit. But for families managing potentially life-threatening (severe) allergies, being scared of trick-or-treating is no laughing matter. 

Food allergies are on the rise, with today’s figures showing that an estimated one in 13 children are affected. Many Halloween treats contain common food allergens, like peanuts, tree nuts and dairy.  

Professional Family Expert Jo Frost has some great tips to help families with food allergies celebrate Halloween. Jo has been managing her own severe allergies to all nuts and shellfish since she was a child, and uses her own experiences to educate others.

Jo Frost_1

 Jo’s Halloween tips include:

  • Pull together a bag of treats that you know your child can eat, and when your child arrives home with their “bounty,” do a swap for the “approved” treats
  • Move the focus beyond candy-land, and hand out food alternatives to trick-or-treaters. Kids love stickers, temporary tattoos, Halloween-inspired jewelry, bouncy balls, game cards and other fun toys
  • If your child with food allergies is attending a Halloween event, let the host or school know in advance
  • Educate your child and their friends before the big day – head to AnaphylaxisRevealed.com to learn about different anaphylaxis misperceptions, and the importance of having two epinephrine auto-injectors available at all times

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