Product Review: Wholly Wholesome Gluten-Free Pizza Dough

A few weeks ago a friend contacted me about giving the Wholly Wholesome Gluten-Free Pizza Dough a test run.  If I have to eat a pizza to do some research…fine…somebody has to do it, right?!  🙂

whollywholesome_logoTo be honest, I wasn’t really expecting much only because I haven’t had just fabulous luck with gluten-free pizza…the dough or frozen variety.  There are a few products I do use as my go-to’s for pizza, but not much outside of Conte’s frozen plain pizza crusts or King Arthur’s GF pizza dough box mix come close to the real thing.

Wholly Wholesome’s Gluten-Free Pizza Crust is free of wheat, dairy, egg, soy, nut, corn, and casein.  This is a HUGE plus in my book because if you have multiple food allergies in your family (like we do at our house), this product is free from several major ones which might help you cater to more than one food allergy at once.

The first thing I will say is that the packaging of the product for mailing was fabulous.  The pizza dough must be kept refrigerated and was well-packed with dry ice to ensure the product was kept at an appropriate temperature.  I only mention this because when ordering online, especially something that needs to be temperature-controlled, I think the packaging and shipping says quite a bit about the company and their product.  If the company can’t be bothered to take time in carefully packaging the product, it makes me wonder how much care they take in making the actual product.  Luckily, Wholly Wholesome received an A+++ in this area, so no worries here!

After I opened the box, this is what I found inside.  I LOVE that the pizza dough is already assembled…I really do!  On a night when you’re running to football, ballet, PTA, and who knows what else, it’s the perfect homemade dinner.

Wholly Wholesome GF Pizza Dough1

The directions are simple and easy to follow.  The only thing you really need to have outside of the dough is a pizza pan.  We put the dough in the pan and then topped with mozzarella and asiago cheese, Canadian bacon, and pineapple.  It was fabulous!

Wholly Wholesome GF Pizza Dough

The best part is that the crust handles like I real gluten-filled pizza crust.  It doesn’t fall apart and has a great texture that supports most toppings.  The whole family (even those without food allergies) loved it.  I think this picture pretty much covers it.  It’s what was left after dinner.  🙂

Wholly Wholesome GF Pizza Dough3

I’m delighted to say that Wholly Wholesome Gluten-Free Pizza Dough was absolutely fabulous and it is absolutely a product I will keep in rotation for my family.

Are you a Wholly Wholesome fan?  What is your favorite product?


2 thoughts on “Product Review: Wholly Wholesome Gluten-Free Pizza Dough

  1. I like Wholly Wholesome gluten free pie crust but it is IMPOSSIBLE to find. The stores that used to carry it don’t anymore, even though they carry their other varieties. I’d love to try the pizza crust, though…I’ll be on the lookout. Thanks!

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