Back To School With Food Allergies

It pains me to write a post for back to school when it is still July, and we have about five more weeks of summer left here in Texas. But, as most of you already know, there is much to do in advance of that first day of school…especially when your child has food allergies.

Below is a compilation of information on back to school forms, school and food allergies, prescriptions, lunches, and even allergy literature for kids!

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What are some of your tried and true back to school tips for parents of children with food allergies?  Please share them below in the comments section!


Here are a few back to school posts (oldies but goodies) that I refer to at the beginning of every school year.

Getting Your Forms In Order

Food In The Classroom

School and Food Allergy Basics


Filling Prescriptions For The New School Year

Need your EpiPen refilled and already dreading back to school expenses?  Don’t miss this offer for the EpiPen.

Epi $0 CopayWhat’s For Lunch?

Need lunch ideas for your child’s lunchbox?  Check out some of these fantastic recipes from guest blogger, Tracy from Sugarcrafter.

Courtesy of Tracy at Sugarcrafter

Courtesy of Tracy at Sugarcrafter


Educating Children About Food Allergies

Looking for a great book about food allergies to give your child’s classroom?  Check out Stephanie Sorkin’s Book, Nutley the Nut-Free Squirrel.



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