Vermont Smoke and Cure RealSticks A Food Allergy Find

Having peanut and nut allergies can make life challenging in general.  But one of the things I struggle with the most is how to make sure my constantly on-the-go ten-year-old son gets enough protein in his diet.

If we’re coming home after an hour and a half of hot, sweaty soccer practice, sometimes a glass of ice-cold chocolate milk can be just the right protein to help my son’s muscles recover and repair.

But what about the times when we aren’t at home and we need something protein-packed and safe?  What about when we are traveling and we want a safe and filling snack for the road?  What if we need something that doesn’t have to be temperature controlled so that it’s more conducive to life on the go?

Believe it or not, I may have found the answer!


I became intrigued when I saw the Vermont Smoke and Cure ad in the most recent edition of Allergic Living Magazine.  The advertisement for their RealSticks made it look like the equivalent of beef jerky…but a safe jerky.  I’ll admit to getting a little overly excited at the prospect of this new protein-packed, all natural, portable snack.  (It’s the little things that make The Food Allergy Mom happy!)

So I contacted the company directly to inquire about their allergy statement.  The representative I corresponded with was absolutely wonderful and assured me the RealSticks were indeed gluten, peanut, nut, sesame, chickpea/garbanzo, and dairy free.

The sweet folks at Vermont Smoke and Cure were kind enough to send me some samples of their protein packed RealSticks so I could review for my readers.   And in full disclosure, I may or may not have checked my front porch every day twice a day for a week to see if they had arrived.

So what is a RealStick you might ask?  Good question.  For all intents and purposes, it’s a meat stick filled with quality meat and delicious blend of tasty spices.  The product comes in six different flavors (Cracked Pepper, Chipotle, BBQ, Turkey Pepperoni, Turkey Honey Mustard, and Turkey Ancho) made with quality ingredients that contain 50% less fat and 40% less salt than the leading snack sticks, no MSG, no preservatives, and no artificial anything.  The sticks even work well for those who are following a Paleo diet or Weight Watchers.

It’s small enough that you could put some cheese and crackers with it to make it a meal.  Although I’ve eaten it that way, my favorite way to enjoy a RealStick is for a snack when I’m on the go.  My son loves it for a post-soccer workout snack.  To be honest, I don’t know if there is a bad time to eat one.  🙂

My favorite flavor hands down is the Turkey Honey Mustard because it just bursts with flavor and satisfies my snack craving.  Ironically, my son’s favorite flavor is also the Turkey Honey Mustard.  Runners up for both of us include Turkey Pepperoni, Cracked Pepper, and BBQ.  I will warn you that the Ancho and Chipotle flavors pack a little punch of spice, but both my son and I still enjoyed them.

Bottom Line:  This will definitely be a product that becomes a staple in our house.  I’m beyond pleased with the customer service the company provided me with as well as the quality and price of their RealSticks products.

Thank you to Vermont Smoke and Cure for such a wonderful food allergy find!


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