Egg-Free? Now You Can Dye Easter “Eggs” Too!

When my child was first diagnosed with food allergies, egg was one of them.  Thankfully, he has outgrown that allergy.

Still, I remember how hard it was to find good allergy-friendly substitutes and I definitely remember how challenging Easter would be every year.   Afterall, the entire holiday revolves around eggs.  Granted, plastic eggs work just fine.  But what about making those memories with your kiddos as you dye a dozen beautifully colored Easter eggs?  That was a little harder to find a substitution for…until now.

Take a minute to check out this product called EggNots (  What a simply egg-cellente idea!  It is perfect for those families with egg allergies.

Now those with egg allergies can safely join in the Easter egg fun!


3 thoughts on “Egg-Free? Now You Can Dye Easter “Eggs” Too!

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