Make Your Own Allergy-Friendly Version Of Your Favorite Recipes

When I first went gluten-free, I was so green at reading food labels and such that I only ate pre-packaged foods that boasted the phrase “gluten-free” clearly labeled on the product packaging.  Although it served its purpose at the time, it wasn’t a very fun way to live or eat.  I felt doomed to eat only those things that were prepackaged and gluten-free because I was afraid of an epic baking fail.

Years later…the only epic fail I made was not getting in the kitchen and experimenting with baking.  Now, I make so many of our favorite traditional family recipes and simply sub out a few ingredients to make it allergy-friendly for me and my son (he has several food allergies including peanut and nut).

Every year, I host my husband’s and my family to Easter lunch at our house.  This year we had turkey, pea salad, roasted potatoes, rolls, strawberry feta spinach salad, and corn pudding.  Yum!  Everything was delicious and it was all allergy-friendly except the rolls (I didn’t do gluten-free rolls because I wanted to spend my calories on dessert).

Although I wish I could take credit for all of these savory dishes, that would be misleading because the whole family pitched in and brought dishes for lunch.  The only things I can take credit for were the turkey and the corn pudding.

I did do all the desserts, though.  This year, I tried my hand at a gluten-free lemon meringue pie and a gluten-free Sprinkles Cupcakes recipe.

Both came out fantastic!  The lemon meringue pie was such a hit (even with the gluten eaters) that there was only one piece left when all was said and done.  You can be sure that piece had my name on it…lemon is my favorite.

Now, I’ve never made meringue and I’ve never made a lemon pie before.  The only thing that wasn’t new to me was the pie crust for which I used a recipe by Gluten Free On A Shoestring.

But you know what, I got in that kitchen, rolled up my sleeves, and went for it.  I can have my pie and eat it too…and so can you!

Next time you’re feeling a little deprived or glum because you can’t have one of your favorite dishes from yesteryear, check that bad attitude and head into the kitchen.

You can do anything you set your mind to and food allergies/celiac can’t define you…unless you allow it.

What are some of your greatest baking successes?  What are some of your baking fails and what did you learn from them?  Please share!



6 thoughts on “Make Your Own Allergy-Friendly Version Of Your Favorite Recipes

  1. Wow! This recipe is superb! I hope I can try some recipe and make my own version too. Making your own version of allergy-free recipes avoid you from suffering allergy symptoms. It is inspiring reading this post.

  2. I’ve only been doing gluten-free for a month. I’m also dairy free and soy free, plus nightshade vegetables, squash, sweet potatoes, the gums used in most commercial gluten free breads, and (for now, but will change later I hope) corn and chocolate. So eating can really be a challenge. I’ve lost 8 pounds in a month! So far, my best finds have been this “macaroni and cheese” recipe , and Rice Krispie breading made with GF Rice Krispies, GF flour, and egg and rice milk for dipping instead of butter. Biggest epic fail may have been the gluten free biscuits.

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