Frenemy Jane, The Sometimes Friend: A Book Review

One of my most favorite children’s authors on the face of the planet is Stephanie Sorkin.  She has the unique ability to appeal to and comfort parents and children alike because she writes with her heart.

And when I say heart, I mean it…Sorkin donates a portion of, if not all, proceeds to organizations that actively work on behalf of children’s issues.

To date, Sorkin has released three children’s books:  Nutley, the Nut-free Squirrel, Chocolate Shoes with Licorice Laces, and Frenemy Jane, The Sometimes Friend

Nutley, the Nut-free Squirrel is a precious tale about a squirrel with food allergies and his friends.  Sorkin graciously donates 100% of the author proceeds from this book to F.A.R.E., an organization dedicated to food allergy research and education.  If you aren’t familiar with this particular title, be sure to read my review here.

A portion of the author proceeds from Chocolate Shoes with Licorice Laces, a book about a boy who finds himself accidentally wearing chocolate shoes, goes to Soles4Souls, an organization that supplies new and gently used shoes to those in need both domestically and abroad.

In 2015, Sorkin released Frenemy Jane, The Sometimes Friend, a children’s book about bullying.  A portion of the author proceeds are donated to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.

Her heart for helping children with the words she writes and book proceeds puts her a step above the rest in my book.

Stephanie was so kind to forward me a copy of Frenemy Jane, The Sometimes Friend and I’m so honored to share my review here with you.

Frenemy Jane is a story about a young girl named Maddie who thinks she is friends with Jane until she realizes that Jane is only a “sometimes” friend.  Rather than the book telling a child exactly what to do about bullying, it opens the dialogue between parents and children so that they can come to a solution TOGETHER!

The book is relatively short, but extremely well-written and is easy for children to understand.  The illustrations, by Susan Robinson, are soft in color and beautifully done.  The book closes with a list of classroom discussion questions and a recipe for Smiley Face Cupcakes, with some suggested modifications for those with food allergies.

I truly love the way Sorkin opens a conversation on bullying with her story and supplements the book classroom discussion questions.  She addresses the issue of bullying, encourages students to troubleshoot together, and then introduces cupcake decorating as a team building activity.

My 7-year-old daughter thoroughly enjoyed the book and decided to read it to her “class” that afternoon when playing teacher.  And I even caught my 11-year-old son listening in as she read it.

I very highly recommend Frenemy Jane, The Sometimes Friend and think it will make a wonderful addition for your home, classroom, Sunday school, local library, and so, so much more.  Even better, your purchase of this book will touch the lives of the children it is read to and the lives of children helped by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.  It’s simply a win-win.

The BEST news is that Stephanie Sorkin is giving away one copy of Frenemy Jane, The Sometimes Friend.  To be eligible, leave a comment here on this post letting me know which of Stephanie’s books listed above sounds like it might strike a chord with you and why.  One comment will be chosen at random and the author will receive a free copy of Sorkin’s newest book, Frenemy Jane, The Sometimes Friend.  The winner will be announced here on this post and on Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday, May 6th.





One thought on “Frenemy Jane, The Sometimes Friend: A Book Review

  1. I’m still interested in reading Nutley the NutFree Squirrel to my son with food allergies, so it’s probably the most relevant book for us right now. All of these books sound like wonderful ways to teach children and open up conversations. Frenemy Jane amazing also relates to food allergies as many children experience bullying. Thanks so Stephanie Sorkin for wonderful topics!

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