Eating Fabulous, Affordable, and Gluten-Free at H-E-B

If you follow my blog, you know I am a HUGE fan of the H-E-B grocery store chain that we have here in more than 150 communities in Texas.  Not only do I think they have the best prices in town, I think they also have one of the largest selections.

When you or someone in your family has special dietary restrictions, it can make grocery shopping both expensive and limiting.  When I shop at my H-E-B, I thankfully find neither of those situations to be true.

When Scott McClelland, the President of H-E-B’s Houston and Central Market Division, stops to speak with you personally about gluten-free shopping and then offers you a bag of his favorite brand of gluten-free cookies on the house…well, it just doesn’t get much better than that.  Talk about customer service! 

A few weeks ago, H-E-B reached out to me and asked if I would put together a gluten-free meal with products from their store (sponsored by them) to share with my readers in May for Celiac Awareness Month.  I jumped at the opportunity as I love to share my passion for finding great deals on fabulous tasting gluten-free products.  I want my readers to know that delicious gluten-free products don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

When thinking about what kind of meal to make, I thought about making a grand, fancy dinner but decided against it because at my house we are often so busy that time doesn’t allow for such meals.  Instead I wanted to share a complete meal that is still easy to throw together when you have only 15 minutes to get dinner on the table for your ravenous crew.

I finally decided on the menu:  chicken fajitas with all the fixings, seasoned pinto beans, and cupcakes for dessert!

Although my son does have food allergies, I am the only one at my house that eats gluten-free.  I enlisted my husband and son for grocery shopping and label reading.  H-E-B makes label reading a snap with their easily identifiable gluten-free symbol next to product price tags and on the products themselves.

Here’s what our cart looked like (please note that because I had shopping “helpers” not everything in this picture is gluten-free).

Here are all my gluten-free H-E-B brand goodies for our gluten-free dinner (although there are always quite a few their items in my cart each week):

It’s finally dinnertime!  Mexican food is this gluten-free girl’s absolute favorite!

And of course, no dinner is complete without dessert.  This part of the meal was a no-brainer because my family loves the H-E-B gluten-free brand baking mixes (vanilla cake, chocolate cake, brownies, and more).  My daughter decided we should definitely go with chocolate cupcakes…and so we did.  My brother-in-law joined us for dinner and said he couldn’t even tell the cupcakes were gluten-free.

There just don’t seem to be enough words to adequately tell H-E-B thank you for all they have done to easy the price and availability of gluten-free (and food allergy-friendly) shopping over the years.  You impact the way my family eats every day and I am so very grateful for all that you do for the celiac and food allergy community.



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