PhillySwirl Frozen Novelties

A few weeks ago, Brian at PhillySwirl contacted me to see if I’d be willing to try out a few of their products and then share my reviews with you, the reader.  Although PhillySwirl did send me the products to try at no cost to me, my reviews of this product are my own and my family’s own, honest reactions to these products.

My family and I live in Texas and gets downright HOT here in the summer months…and early fall too.  We are all about cold, frozen snacks that help lower our internal temperature a little bit.  I wouldn’t be totally honest here if I didn’t fess up that I’m a Blue Bell girl through and through (and will be again when they are up and running).  But that’s ice cream.

PhillySwirl falls into the Italian ices category, and boy, is it a delicious one!

There are three categories of these frozen novelties that I’ll be reviewing.   Brian told me all three of the items I sampled are free of the top 8 allergens and are made in a peanut and tree nut-free facility.  In addition, he said they are fat-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free and contain no high fructose corn syrup.

  • PhillySwirl Stix – swirled Italian ice bars
  • PhillySwirl Popperz – assorted Italian ice flavors in a squeeze up tube
  • PhillySwirl Candy Spoonz – classic Italian ice in a cup with lollipop-like candy spoons

The PhillySwirl Stix swirled Italian ice bars were fabulous and boasted a variety of flavors like cotton candy, very berry, orange dream, banana split, rainbow, and even a mystery flavor.  My kids (and husband) loved the flavors.

The PhillySwirl Popperz were also a hit.  I especially loved these…they brought back a lot of childhood memories!  My kids were equally fascinated with popping the flavored ice out as they ate it.

But hands down, the favorite in my family was the PhillySwirl Candy Spoonz. And when I say favorite, I mean they didn’t stand a chance.

My husband ogled the box first, our two kiddos were right behind him.  The box was gone in a matter of days.  And let me tell you…it was a monumental decision for them to decide what kind of spoon to have with their Italian ice…candy (a variety of flavors) or plain with no candy.  This box was open and devoured so fast, I never even had a chance to try one!

My favorite thing about all of these frozen novelties is that they have a burst of flavor but are generally a much lighter fare in terms of the “heaviness” of a snack.  It’s the perfect summer treat!

It is worth noting that not all PhillySwirl products are top 8 free as not all products are Italian ices.  For example, the Fudge Swirl Stix and Sweet Delites products do contain dairy.  As always, be sure to carefully read the ingredient label on each box.

I discovered in a subsequent visit to my H-E-B grocery store, that they carry some PhillySwirl products.  In fact, PhillySwirl is in a number of grocery stores.  Check out their listing here to find a retailer near you.

Bottom Line:  The rain here in Texas is finally subsiding and we have warm sunshine forecast for the entire week.  Somehow I think the PhillySwirl Italian ice products I reviewed above will be a welcome part of our “it’s almost summer” celebration.



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