Canyon Bakehouse Gluten-Free Bagel Line Simply Delicious

Good gluten-free bread is hard to come by.  Really good gluten-free bread is even harder to come by.  In my opinion, Canyon Bakehouse is one of the best gluten-free breads on the market.

When I tire of regular toast for breakfast, Canyon Bakehouse’s Cinnamon Raisin Bread is my go to.  It has just a touch of sweet and is the perfect thing to brighten up a Monday morning!

Actually Canyon Bakehouse uses 100% whole grains and no GMO’s in all of their products, so it’s something I feel good about eating.

Since I’m gluten-free, the company contacted me a few weeks ago to ask if I would mind reviewing their new line of gluten-free bagels and brownies.  I jumped at the chance since this is one of my favorite brands.  And while they are a favorite, please know that this product review is an honest one and no compensation was received other than the free sample I am writing about.

Canyon Bakehouse Bagels and Brownie Bites (2)

Before I get to my product reviews, let’s talk allergen statements.  I asked the company to discuss the allergens at Canyon Bakehouse and this was the response:  “All of Canyon Bakehouse products are free from the following allergens: gluten, dairy, casein, all nuts (tree nuts, peanuts) and soy. Their production facility is also free of these allergens; they never enter the facility so there is no chance of cross-contamination. Additionally, they do test their final products for all of these allergens.  However, please note, they do use eggs.  Specific to gluten Canyon Bakehouse’s standard is ZERO gluten. The best testing available today can detect gluten down to 5ppm (parts per million). The results of their tests are “undetectable,” meaning, at least below 5ppm. This is the strictest standard available.”

I also asked about the use of sesame and this was the company’s response:  “We do use sesame seeds in our Everything Bagels but have recently removed them from the Cinnamon Raisin and Hamburger Buns. Although they are not considered a “Top 8 Allergen” we do treat sesame seeds like an allergen in our facility. We clean thoroughly after every run that contains sesame seeds and verify that all equipment is allergen-free by doing an allergen surface swab before beginning production on the next product.”

I have to say, I truly LOVE Canyon Bakehouse’s commitment to thoroughness in their allergen statements.  If only all companies went the extra mile and were this honest with their consumers…

I’ll start with reviewing the Canyon Bakehouse Brownie Bites. To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes for these because most of the store-bought, ready-to-eat brownies can be, well, let’s say lacking in taste.  But, fortunately this was not the case with Canyon Bakehouse’s Brownie Bites.  These are positively and sinfully delicious…so much so that I’d almost swear it was a regular gluten-filled brownie.  They have great texture and are not the least bit crumbly like some gluten-free products can be.  Let me just say, these are dangerous.  Don’t say I didn’t tell you.  Seriously, I ate the sample in…ahem…record time.

Now let’s chat about Canyon Bakehouse’s Everything Bagel.  I’ll be honest again, I don’t have much love for gluten-free bagels in general because they usually don’t resemble anything close to an actual bagel.  But once again, Canyon Bakehouse surprised me.  Th Everything Bagel is probably the best gluten-free bagel I’ve tried to date.  Not only does it have great texture (doesn’t get crumbly and fall apart), but it is bursting with taste.  With hints of garlic and onion it is the PERFECT way to add a little zip to whatever you are making.  Although I’ve had half a bagel for breakfast a time or two, my favorite way to eat this bagel is by using half for an open-faced sandwich.  It is simply delicious!  I’m so excited about this bagel and plan to make it a staple in my freezer!

Canyon Bakehouse Bagels and Brownie Bites (1)

The last item I’m reviewing is Canyon Bakehouse’s Plain Bagel.  All that I said about the Everything Bagel still applies here, minus the hints of garlic and onion.  Because it doesn’t have that seasoning, this bagel is a favorite for breakfast.  I’ve also used it for half a sandwich some days and although I haven’t tried it yet, I think you could make a fantastic appetizer out of these as well.

Canyon Bakehouse Bagels and Brownie Bites (3)

So, yes, I am a Canyon Bakehouse customer for life as they have a tremendous dedication to making quality products with real ingredients that taste amazing.  Thank you for all you do, Canyon Bakehouse!



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