Enjoy Life Hits Home Run With New Baking Mix Line

It’s not really a secret that I’m a HUGE Enjoy Life Foods fan.  You only need to see my Enjoy Life Preferred Blogger Badge on the right for verification.  That said, I’m always honest in my product reviews and the below reviews are no different.

When I received these mixes in the mail, I won’t lie…it felt like my birthday.  I’d been waiting on pins a needles…anxious to get my hands on these baking mixes so my family and I could taste test and I could share the results with you!

*Make sure you read the lid of the box in the above picture, because it pretty much says it all when it comes to these baking mixes.  They are the reasons that set these making mixes apart!

Amazing, right?  But would the mixes be as good as their billing?  Check out my individual product reviews below for all the details…


The brownie mix was the first box we opened and tried.  Hello…chocolate will always be first on my list!

The brownies had a great texture and did not crumble the way some allergy-friendly baked goods sometimes do.  And I love that each brownie contains wholesome ingredients AND a shot of protein.

My son, who has multiple life-threatening food allergies, absolutely loved the brownies…more so than the others I usually make.  That said, of all the 5 baking mixes we tried, this was the only one my husband, daughter, and I weren’t that fond of…but we don’t have nearly as many dietary restrictions as my son.

I STILL say kudos to Enjoy Life for this mix simply because while it might not be a favorite for some that do not have food allergies, by and large this product is geared for those with one or multiple food allergies that can have serious dietary limitations.  For many of those individuals, like my son, this product is a delicious miracle that can be thrown together from a boxed mix in about a half hour.



The next mix we tried was the pizza crust.  The instructions, just like for the others, were ridiculously simple to follow, making preparation a snap!

While I did follow the directions on the box, I ended up having enough dough to make one large pizza and one small personal pizza rather than two equal sized pizzas.  We topped our pizza with all our favorite toppings and were salivating by the time it was ready to come out of the oven.

I like to shape the pizza crust with my hands versus a rolling pin.  It’s just the way I make my pizzas…old school.  To that end, the texture wasn’t picture perfect like maybe Domino’s, but that may very well have more to do with my methods than the mix itself.  Either way, when we sat down to dinner, everyone inhaled the pizza.  We especially loved the rich taste of olive oil in the crust.

This mix is perfect for those busy week nights when everyone in our family is going different directions.  This mix will most likely become a staple in our house.



I was pretty excited about this muffin mix as we bake and eat a lot of muffins at our house (plus they freeze really well).

While if I had my choice in what kind of muffin to make, I probably would have opted for a concoction of SunButter and banana, or cinnamon blueberry, or strawberry, or…well you get the idea.  However, I let my kiddos pick what kind of muffin they wanted to make and they were desperate for vanilla cinnamon sugar, so that is what we made.  Apparently they were that good, because I forgot to take a picture the first day and when I remembered to do so the remaining muffins were M.I.A.   Maybe that’s more of a testament to their deliciousness than any picture could truly deliver.

We all liked this baking mix and would most definitely use this gain…only this time maybe I will sneak in some fun flavor combinations to spice things up a little bit.



Most weeks my family does breakfast for dinner at least once.  It’s comfort food at it’s best and usually fairly healthy.  One of our favorite meals is pancakes and eggs.  My husband, son, and I all like pancakes in general but my daughter isn’t really a fan of pancakes or waffles.

The boxed mix, like the others, only calls for two additional ingredients plus whatever flavors (if any) you choose to add.

We like to change it up and try different kinds of flavor combinations in our pancakes.  Some of our favorites are:  chocolate chip, cinnamon sugar, banana and chocolate chip, and blueberry.  In order to properly review the taste of the pancake mix, we chose to add our flavor as toppings instead of mixing it in.

I served up pancakes with a strawberries and strawberry sauce topped with a little whipped cream.  Both kids’ eyes lit up and they were eager to dig in.

I tried a plain pancake before adding the strawberries, and I loved it.  Most gluten-free pancakes I’ve made don’t quite have that buttery taste a real pancake has and because of that, I don’t eat pancakes very often.  But this Enjoy Life pancake mix was fabulous and something we will no doubt be making over and over in our house.

Still not convinced?  My non-pancake-loving daughter who normally turns her nose up at even the mention of pancakes ate ALL of the pancakes on her plate and gushed about how they were the best she’d ever had!



This was the last mix I tried.  We were expecting company and I needed to prepare a snack, so I used the all-purpose mix in place of regular flour for my chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I did make the bar cookies (in a 9×9 inch pan) rather than individual round cookies.

Again, I was very pleased with the final product.  The cookies tasted very similar to my usual recipe except for maybe a hint of earthiness which probably lends itself to the quality ingredients and shot of protein.  My son loved them!


In case you missed it above, these five Enjoy Life Foods baking mixes boast all of the following:

  • Free from the top 8 allergens
  • Probiotics to promote immune health
  • Certified gluten-free and kosher
  • Contain 5 grams of plant-based protein per serving
  • Verified non-gmo

What other products do you know that do all of that and are pretty tasty to boot?!

Enjoy Life products (there are many more than I can review in one post) have drastically improved the way my family and I live with food allergies every day.  I am so grateful to these folks for their dedication in making healthy, delicious, allergy-friendly foods for people with food allergies and various dietary restrictions.  I literally cannot imagine my life without them.

Thank you, Enjoy Life, for all you do!  Your work is such a blessing to my family!



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