Be A Part of Wellapets’ New Food Allergy Game Launch

Wellapets has a special place in my heart because of the amazing app they put together to teach children about asthma.  It is such a positive way to learn about asthma…and in the form of a game so it doesn’t really seem like learning to a child!  Read my review of the Wellapets asthma app HERE.

Courtesy of Wellapets

Courtesy of Wellapets

Exciting news…Wellapets is now working on an app that caters to the food allergy community!  Currently, Wellapets is launching exclusive-early access for their new food allergy game this month.  Want to be a part of it?  Check out the below information from Wellapets:

Wellapets believes in empowering positive change through play. They are launching an exclusive-early access for their food allergy game this month! Any kid between ages 6-11 and access to a smartphone or tablet is welcome to test. To sign up –

Thank you, Wellapets, for all you do in the asthma and food allergy communities!  Keep up the fantastic work!



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