Showing Thanks for Teacher Appreciation Week

If you have a child with food allergies that goes to preschool, day care, elementary, middle, or high school, THIS is the week to give thanks to your child’s teachers (and school nurses) for all they do to protect our kiddos on a weekly basis.

Every July as I’m completing the bazillion and a half forms required for my son to go to school, I begin to pray for my child’s teachers and school nurse.  That they will:

  • Have a special heart to care for my son and be a good steward of his health
  • Know the proper emergency action plan and be able to implement if necessary
  • Recognize my son is like any other student in the classroom and will not let food allergies define him

Regardless of all my intense preparation and planning I’ve done with teachers, nurses, and faculty, it is never an easy thing to entrust my child to someone who will be caring for my child five days a week and trust that she/he will care for him like you do.  Yet, it is a part of growing up…for us and our children.

This week, take a few minutes to do a small act of kindness for a teacher (school, Sunday School, swim, ballet, gymnastics…you get the picture) who truly loves and cares for your child and their unique food allergies.

Need some fun and inexpensive ideas?  Here are a few: 

  • Bring school supplies for the classroom
  • Bake your child’s favorite food allergy-friendly treat and share with the teacher
  • Bring a small potted plant or fresh flowers
  • Have your child write a note or make a special drawing for their teacher
  • Write a note of thanks for all the teacher does to take care of and teach your child
  • Write a note to senior school staff to let them know what a great job your child’s teacher is doing
  • Donate a children’s food allergy book such as Nutley, the Nut-Free Squirrel to your teacher’s classroom

Your words of thanks and acts of appreciation for teachers do more to raise awareness of food allergies than you could ever possibly know!  Better yet, you are paying it forward for the next child with food allergies comes through this teacher’s class.

Do you have something special you do to celebrate your child’s teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week?  Be sure to share here or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


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