Food Allergy Awareness Week: A Guest Post from Mylan.

For Food Allergy Awareness Week I’m sharing a series of posts called “Be Aware.  Be Prepared.  Don’t Scare.”  And today, it’s my absolute pleasure to welcome Mylan to my humble little blog so they can share some tips and resources for individuals and families who are managing severe allergies.

Thank you, Mylan!


Tips and Tools:  Resources You’ll Want to Check Out During FAAW

Food Allergy Awareness Week (FAAW) is the perfect time to brush up on some ways to help manage potentially life-threatening (severe) allergies and bring awareness to anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction. Here are some tips and resources for individuals and families who are managing severe allergies.

  1. Create and Follow an Anaphylaxis Action Plan

When it comes to managing severe allergies, avoidance of your known allergens is important. Having an anaphylaxis action plan ensures that you have a plan in place to avoid those allergens, along with being able to recognize the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, having access to two epinephrine auto-injectors at all times and seeking immediate emergency medical care should anaphylaxis occur.

  1. “Face Your Risk”

Take a moment to check out the new disease awareness initiative, “Face Your Risk.” This effort encourages those diagnosed with severe allergies to understand their risk for anaphylaxis through an interactive resource that helps educate about anaphylaxis risk factors. Visit the new website at You may also see a new TV commercial that is currently running –  check it out here.

  1. Take a Trip to

photo courtesy of Mylan

Visit to check out informative, educational and fun resources provided by Mylan and Disney. Check out posts from expert and parent contributors, on topics like family gatherings, taking a trip, interviewing a new babysitter, and trying new things. Be sure to also check out the newest resource from Mylan and Disney; the digital release of “Show-and-Tell Scout,” the story of a fox with severe allergies to peanuts and milk. Check back every month for new blog posts, advice from experts and exciting resources.

  1. Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis
photo courtesy of Mylan

photo courtesy of Mylan

Check out to learn more about severe allergies and anaphylaxis. Visit the Resource Library for allergy-friendly recipes as well as tips for eating out at restaurants, going on a fieldtrip, grocery shopping and managing severe allergies at school.


Post contributed by Mylan. I am not a spokesperson of Mylan.

Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis™ is a trademark owned by the Mylan companies. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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