Show-and-tell Scout: A Book Review

It’s not exactly a secret that I’m a champion of Mylan and Disney.  (Just find the search box on my blog and use the keywords “Mylan” and “Disney” to see why.)  In full disclosure, my family does own EpiPens and loves to visit Disney World.  Possibly my favorite things about both of these companies is the doors they open for the food allergy community AND the way they give back.  Now Mylan and Disney have formed an alliance to create a whole new experience for food allergy families.

Mylan and Disney Publishing Worldwide are collaborating on books for families living with severe allergies, including a children’s storybook and a cookbook.

Show-and-tell Scout Storybook

photo courtesy of Mylan

photo courtesy of Mylan

Mylan and Disney’s collaborative efforts on this storybook are so well done!  Show-and-tell Scout is an educational storybook aimed at raising awareness about food allergies and anaphylaxis in the school setting.  The book follows the story of Scout, a young fox with potentially life-threatening allergies to milk and peanuts.

The book does an excellent job of recognizing a child’s fears about food allergies, especially when it comes to school.  The story also pays tribute to the roles parents play in preparing their child for school, the teacher plays in keeping the classroom safe, and the nurse plays in keeping a student safe.

 photo courtesy of Mylan

photo courtesy of Mylan

Personally, I love that Scout decides to acknowledge his food allergies by teaching his classmates about it and then goes on to be just a regular student who happens to have food allergies.  I’ve always taught my son to respect his food allergies, but not let them define him as a person.  It has always served my son well and it is a concept that is near and dear to my heart.

Although Mickey and Goofy have small roles in the story, Scout is the main attraction.  He values their friendship and receives support from his famous friends, but learns to advocate for himself.

photo courtesy of Mylan

photo courtesy of Mylan

A short appendix to the book contains a kid-friendly question and answer session about food allergies and anaphylaxis as well as story comprehension questions underscoring the importance of responsibility with food allergies.

I loved Show-and-tell Scout and thought it was so well-written in the coverage of food allergies at school.  This would be a lovely addition to any home, school, or church.  You can access the digital copy of the book online.

Get Cooking With Mickey & Friends, Allergy-Friendly Fun for the Family Cookbook

Mylan Disney Cookbook

My family and I recently checked out recipes from Get Cooking With Mickey & Friends, Allergy-Friendly Fun for the Family.  The whole Disney gang including Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Scout share their favorite tried and true allergy-friendly recipes.  Among our favorites were Goofy’s Grilled Cheese (with a delicious pickle twist) and Scout’s Homemade Hummus.  Next on our list to try is Donald’s Sticky Bread.

In addition to the inviting colors, Disney character drawings, and finished product pictures that intrigue the kiddos, the cookbook offers a host of helpful information for parents.  The book offers tips on reading food labels, identifying hidden ingredients, and traveling with food allergies.  Most recipes offer an allergy substitution note inset that provides additional allergy accommodations, if needed.

My daughter loved going through the cookbook and picking out allergy-friendly recipes we could make together!

Thank you, Mylan and Disney, for all you do for our food allergy community!




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