88 Acres Craft Seed Bars A Treat For The Food Allergy Community

I was blessed to be sought out by Amanda at 88 Acres, a company that “creates healthy snacks, free of the most common food allergens, that are crafted with simple ingredients and designed for every body to enjoy.”  She asked if I’d be willing to taste their craft seed bars and do an honest review and after reading more about the company, I was happy to oblige.

88 Acres was co-founded by a woman who truly gets it.

photo courtesy of 88 Acres

Nicole Ledoux grew up on an 88 acre organic farm that inspired her love for food.  She had no way of knowing how instrumental that connection to food would be later in life.  When the love of her life, Rob, nearly died after consuming a dinner that was cross contaminated with nuts, she became inspired to create healthy, convenient, allergy-friendly snacks they could eat together.  This is where 88 Acres’ story begins.

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Currently, 88 Acres produces three kinds of craft seed bars in their Boston facility which is free of peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, dairy, eggs, and soy.  According to the company’s website, 88 Acres built their “own dedicated allergen-free facility in Dorchester (Boston), Massachusetts to ensure the highest safety standards for those affected by food allergies as well as quality control for all. We NEVER allow the following ingredients into our facility: peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, fish and shellfish. Our carefully sourced ingredients come from the best farms and suppliers, and in many cases, are traced all the way back to the point of production.”

photo courtesy of 88 Acres

photo courtesy of 88 Acres

As if the above isn’t enough, I have to say, I was very impressed by 88 Acres’ mission and their commitment to economic development & social responsibility, supply chain, sustainably minded sourcing, and education.  But don’t take my word for it, read about it for yourself here.  I love how well thought out the company’s vision is.  To me, it shows they are in this business for much more than the bottom line…they are in it to be part of a solution.

My care package arrived with several samples of the three craft seed bars 88 Acres produces:  Apple & Ginger, Chocolate & Sea Salt, and Triple Berry.

As much as I loved the company from everything I’d read thus far, I’ll admit to being skeptical of the bars.  I had yet to find a just outstanding granola/seed bar that was allergy friendly, delicious, and healthy.  But I’m happy to say, 88 Acres is the exception!

My son and I LOVED all three of these craft seed bars!  They are mildly chewy yet have a hint of crunch.  Every bite bursts with a rich, natural flavor that doesn’t taste forced or engineered in any way.  The Apple & Ginger was my favorite as the crystallized ginger gives it just the right hint of sweetness!

Apple & Ginger Bar Ingredients (photo courtesy of 88 Acres)

Apple & Ginger Bar Ingredients (photo courtesy of 88 Acres)

My son loved the Triple Berry bar best but, honestly, we both enjoyed all three flavors.

Triple Berry Bar Ingredients (photo courtesy of 88 Acres)

Triple Berry Bar Ingredients (photo courtesy of 88 Acres)

In fact, my son enjoyed them so much I had to swipe a few bars of each flavor just to ensure I could write an honest product review.  With a minimum of 5 grams of protein in each bar, these made a great post workout snack for my son and I.

Chocolate & Sea Salt Bar Ingredients (photo courtesy of 88 Acres)

Chocolate & Sea Salt Bar Ingredients (photo courtesy of 88 Acres)

The portability of these craft seed bars make them a true winner in my book.  They fit perfectly in a purse or pocket and are a great treat for a roadtrip or camping.  I even set aside a few of the bars to go with my son to scout camp where I can rest easy knowing he has a safe snack option available.

Bottom Line:  I’m a HUGE fan of 88 Acres, their customer service, and their products!  Take a few minutes to visit their website and research them for yourself.  Then treat yourself to their amazingly delicious craft seed bars.

Thanks to 88 Acres who is offering my readers 15% off for first time orders only by using the code FOODALLERGYMOM at checkout.  This offer is good through December 31, 2016.

Thank you, 88 Acres, for all you do to support the food allergy community!



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