“Now Find Gluten Free” App A Great Resource

Are you new to eating gluten-free?  Have you recently been diagnosed with celiac and need to learn what it is to eat gluten-free?  Are you already gluten-free and just want to have gluten-free product information at your fingertips?

I have a fabulous resource for you: the Now Find Gluten Free app.

The app is $4.99 on iTunes and offers a TON of gluten-free information useful to almost anyone at any point on their gluten-free journey.

Here are some of the things the Now Find Gluten Free app offers information about:

  • Starting out on the gluten-free diet  (links to their webpage)
  • Stocking a gluten-free pantry  (links to their webpage)
  • Celiac disease  (links to their webpage)
  • Items that contain “hidden” gluten  (links to their webpage)
  • Hundreds (and counting) of gluten-free foods

The app itself contains a list of gluten-free products that you can search alphabetically, by brand, or by type of food.  This feature allows you to “like” products so you can remember which products you’ve tried and liked.  The user can also hit a shopping basket icon to add it to their grocery shopping list.

So how accurate is the app’s product information?  The app founders say they list only products that are certified gluten-free or have been claimed gluten-free by the manufacturer and they cross-reference the product information regularly as a quality control check.

My favorite perks of this app?

  • No apparent in-app purchases or hidden fees
  • No sharing of email address required
  • No sign-in or registration required
  • Being able to create and manage my favorite gluten-free product lists

This is a fantastic tool for gluten-free newbies and veterans alike!  But don’t take my word for it, look it up on iTunes and see for yourself!

Thank you, Now Find Gluten Free!


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