Order Enjoy Life Foods Products Using Amazon Dash

Do I have any Enjoy Life Foods fans out there?  I am about to seriously make. your. day.

Really, I am!  Well, actually, it’s a team effort…mostly between Amazon and Enjoy Life Foods.

Ever get to the bottom of the box of your Enjoy Life cookies with just crumbs and realize you need more for your child’s lunch this week?  Or do you ever empty that last spoonful of Enjoy Life seed mix into your yogurt and then realize you need more for your son’s campout this weekend?  That word to describe that feeling, P-A-N-I-C.

Until the Enjoy Life Foods Amazon Dash button…

Here’s how it works:

  • Log on to amazon.com.
  • Search for dash button.
  • Click on the Enjoy Life dash button and order it for $4.99 (for Prime Members only).  Here is what the Enjoy Life Dash Button page should look like.
  • Then wait eagerly by the front door anxiously awaiting that little button that should make your Enjoy Life Foods ordering a total walk in the park!  It is so simple it kind of reminds me of the “Easy” button Staples commercials.
  • When the packages arrives, break the seal on your dash button box and then you are ready to get started.
  • Get your phone and open up your Amazon app.  Then follow the simple directions included with your dash button.


Essentially, once the dash button setup is complete, you can hit the large white circle on your dash button and it will automatically order your specified, preferred products.

Enjoy Life Dash Button Screen

This means it is automatically charged to your Amazon account (although you can set it up to see notifications every time an order is made) and your order will soon be on its way!

Still not sure how it all works?  Check out this short tutorial from Amazon.

Feeling a little better about this new technology now?  I’m all set and ready to go.  Yippee!

Enjoy Life Dash Button

Love me some Mountain Mambo seed mix!!!!




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