Izzi B’s Gingerbread Houses And Treats Are a Holiday Must-Have

Years ago, when my family was just beginning our food allergy journey, one of the traditions I missed the most was decorating our annual gingerbread house.

With Christmas carols playing in the background, my mom, sister, and grandmother and I would gather around the counter in my grandmother’s kitchen to decorate our annual gingerbread house.  Honestly, I think there was more horseplay and laughter than there was actual work…as it should be for such a family tradition.  A couple of hours and a change of clothes later, it was a joy to admire our creation.  These are some of the sweetest memories I have of spending time with my grandmother and I cherish them to this day.

Because of that, building and decorating a gingerbread house became a time-honored tradition in our family…a tradition I would not be able to carry on with my own family because it would be an allergen minefield.

Or so I thought.

Thanks to an incredibly awesome company called Izzi B’s, my family and I ARE able to carry on this tradition every year.  More importantly, it is a way to carry on the love and laughter of family as we crowd around and create a masterpiece in between giggles and some really off-tune Christmas caroling!

Here is my gingerbread house kit from a previous year when the kids were still too little to help me do much other than eat it.

Izzi B's Allergen-Free Bakery (7)

And here is the version the kids made themselves this year.  I’ll admit, I had to sit on my hands a bit not to be creative director, but I decided not to micromanage and just let them run with it.

So what is Izzi B’s Gingerbread House Kit?  Your kit comes mailed right to your doorstep and looks like this inside.

My kit included these pieces:

  • 6 Gingerbread house pieces (4 walls and 2 roof pieces)
  • Gingerbread props:  2 mini gingerbread men, 1 tree, and 1 reindeer
  • 1 Pastry bag with royal icing powder
  • Sealed bags of assorted candies
  • A handy dandy sheet of instructions

The gingerbread house itself is made at Izzi B’s which is an “allergen-free facility that utilizes an Allergen Control Plan which includes on-site testing.”  That said, some of the ingredients Izzi B’s purchases are, “processed in a plant that also processes tree nuts and soy under good manufacturing practices.”

The candies and decorative elements come from companies like Tree Hugger, TruSweets/TruJoy, TruSweets/Surf Sweets, Candy Tree/Corn Candies, Enjoy Life, Yummy Earth, and Nature’s Colors.

A detailed ingredient list and allergen statement for every element of the gingerbread house is included in the directions provided inside the kit.

Izzi B’s bakery is, “No wheat.  No soy.  No eggs. No gluten.  No peanuts/tree nuts.  No casein.  Celiac-friendly.  No refined sugars.  No trans-fats.  No preservatives.  Certified vegan.  Certified kosher/parve.”  They also use natural colors and flavors.

Pam at Izzi B’s is truly a joy to work with and has been such a blessing to our family.  We are so grateful to her and her staff for all they do to bring the joy to the holidays with this gingerbread house kit!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Pam was kind enough to send us three of her A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. ginger sammies and there are CRAZY good!  My son and I loved them so much we didn’t even tell the rest of the family we had them!

It’s not too late to place an order.  Contact Izzi B’s today!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,


*Disclaimer:  While I did not receive any payment to post this review, I did receive a free gingerbread house sampler kit from Izzi B’s.  This post reflects my honest personal opinions about this product and company.  Please be aware that ingredient lists can change at any time.  Always verify potential allergen dangers of any product with the company and/or your doctor before consuming.*








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